#Earth Day…..

Yesterday was Earth Day…actually everyday should be Earth Day but…. Yesterday I witnessed miles and miles of barren untouched land from 32000 ft on a very clear and sunny day and God’s creation fascinated me all over again…I have flown many a mile and seen many a landscape but the river we flew over this time was a marvel of nature…it languidly flowed over land and rock, past smatterings of villages whose population was mercifully and obviously too nondescript to make any changes to the naturalness of its surroundings.
The river continued on in all its glory, dark grey abounded by such a variety of brown tones and hues as I had never seen before…its tributaries creating a marvelous pattern like the picture God would have painted in watercolor washes..wet into wet..on his free Sunday…..
The water pushed its way into basins and crevasses …nothing to stop it in its path , nothing to check its flow, nothing to contain its force…
What a beautiful planet has been bestowed upon us, what potential, what grace!!!
Why then have we mercilessly obliterated so much of it as we push the barriers of construction and destruction simultaneously..why do deign to imagine that this earth was given to us to play with like a ball..bounce it around, hit it against the wall and then laugh in glee as we kid ourself into believing that we have the power to mould it at will!!!
We were given a place to live in and as we revere our individual houses so should we respect this collective home bestowed upon us maintaining its sanctity much as we would the sanctity of God!!
# EarthDay2016 #saveourearth #cleanupyouract #GoGreen #keepIndiaclean

One thought on “#Earth Day…..

  1. This was almost as amazing as hearing a documentary on National Geographics!!! Superbly written and descriptively captivating!!! And I agree with the hashtag #CleanUpYourAct!!! All it takes is one person to show some initiative and the rest will follow!!!


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