The “But I didnt say that” syndrome!!



The best time to stand back and argue your point is obviously not in your mind, in the dead of the night that follows the most cataclysmic and soul destroying argument one has had with a random yet close member of this human race that we are subject to living amongst…!!

Most of us would relate to that ridiculous misunderstanding that stemmed from a clash of ideology ,tentatively attempted to be put into words in the court of the ‘ I know it all already types ,but crushed at the onset , half way through the explanation, cos of course, the mind of the other works faster than your words and conclusions can obviously be drawn mid sentence by putting the ‘two plus two makes five’ cliched scenario into play!

Have you ever had to gulp back the next “but what I was trying to say….” dialogue cos we had already emotionally departed our earth and were seemingly hurtling along the path of the planet Pluto…recently stripped of all credibility( in its right to be called a planet) as you similarly were in danger of facing yourself within the next few seconds!!!!

Has your jaw ever dropped in wonder at the accusations strewn at you about what you apparently said versus what you actually did, what you obviously meant to say versus what you actually did!!!!!

Have you gone back over the conversation word for word, letter by letter,meaning by meaning, tone by tone, note by note, decibel by decibel and wondered how a seemingly innocent attempt to put a thought into the others mind, rather an attempt to express how you see a certain point could swing out of control within a few seconds!!!!

Its amazing how a few words , cleverly twisted, along with a few dramatic gestures of the hand and a twist in the angle of the mouth can suddenly make the musical spurt of water from a strategically lit fountain seem the equivalent of the volcanic mountain Kilimanjaro suddenly rearing its head from dormancy !!!!

A friend, in all her depression came upto me one fine day, in a dilemma over a juvenile argument with her best buddy and poured her heart out hoping to get a very wise and prophetic insight and a solution that she thought I held within the very palms of my hand .

I sat instead , listening with apt interest cos hadnt I also faced this predicament many a times myself…have I not slapped myself later as in my mind, I produced the perfect justification, the perfect argument, the perfect explanation….as in my mind I saw a smile of understanding in the other person’s face when she saw my logical point….as in my mind we smiled and shook each others hand, misunderstanding behind us, a renewed pledge of friendship and understanding binding us together afresh!!!!….

Albeit long after it ended on a murderous note, all in the dead of the night , sleep evading me as I ran the events over and over in my mind..trying to undo the damage…insomnia alone keeping me company!!!

I had no solution..believe me….only relatability…..cos sometimes even the best of intentions go awry however much you wish it had been handled better!!

3 thoughts on “The “But I didnt say that” syndrome!!

  1. The best thing about your amazing writing is how relatable it is!!! Your writing gives the reader that jolt that shoves them right into the “situation” you’re writing about, without even realizing it. Your selection of topics are really interesting and its always an “experience” for the reader who travels the journey as they read through you writing… Very realistic!!! I loved this piece too, and yes of course I could relate to it πŸ˜‰
    Well done on another magnificent piece of work!!!


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