Happy Birthday Son!!!



In this world of ours we experience many shades of life, seasons, moods and temperaments and it is human tendency to bifurcate everything we touch into shades of black and white in a desperate attempt to understand, categories and justify all that we go through…make it simpler for our puny brains to deal with astronomical and cataclysmic everyday occurrences…

But when it comes to motherhood there are no blacks and whites….there are no rights and wrongs…..there are only a riot of colors ….each color depicting the hues of her heart as a child driven instance occurs, …..the only experiences that matter to her… those that revolve around her kids!

Black or white ? Baby or grown up?? Young or old??What is that ? For a mom , from the moment she holds that red crumpled (ugly in the eyes of others) little bundle of joy in her arms (who tore his way out and kept everyone busy with needles and threads until the mother ends up looking like a tired but meticulously sewed and patched up quilt…albeit with stitches definitely not crafted delicately by a Kashmiri darner but more like the hurried cobbler looking wearily at his growing piles of shoes with the mouths agape!!)…she is sold!!!!

In love as never before, smitten, reduced to a weeping , crazy , relentlessly moody but undeniably committed and awestruck piece of …!!!!!

He is the only person in this world that didn’t  garner a reaction as extreme as a slap on the face when he crumpled up in a yawn, kicking the day lights out of your tummy as you double up in pain.. Instead the crazed mother in you clutches the belly with one hand and brings the other up to bring the violent bundle close enough to plant a kiss on the forehead…
The only person who could get you singing and clapping along like lunatic as he recited endearing stories of Humpty Dumpty…I wonder who told him that the egg in question fell of a wall just to amuse the world???
The only person who managed  to run around all over the house with you doing a steeplechase behind him , brandishing a spoon while balancing a bowl of porridge in the hand without throwing the instruments at his head in exhaustion!!!
The only person in the world who can fall off a bike and have you applying more savlon on your heart than on his knee!!!
The only person who can have you offering to make him his favourite spaghetti bollognaise minutes after being told off rudely to stop annoying him with constant questions so that he can play his Oh-so-important game on his oh -so-important phone surrounded with his oh-so-important laptop, tv remote and miles of wires!!!

That’s what motherhood is I guess and that’s what we can’t explain to the subjects of our affection…we can never put into words or quantify our love for them…we can never attempt to prove our genuinity cos every stroke we make , every step we take has sprung only from this feeling we hold deep within … This heart wrenching yet joy giving feeling of pride at what our baby has grown into, love that we experience everytime we realise that what used to occupy one foot of the bed between us , now has his feet dangling out of the edge of the bed and yet manages to invoke the same melting emotions in our hearts as 22 yrs ago!!!
Our only mission in life is to be able to teach them that Inspite of any obstacles, restrictions or short comings that life dealt us with , our victory has been in the ability to give our children as much as we possibly could and see them emerge into the visions that stand before is now…
God may not have been able to deal everyone the same cards but I think our pack has been ample enough….lets play the joker and fill in the gaps ourselves!!!! We love you to the ends of the earth and back!!
Happy birthday to an irritating, sensitive, annoying, funny, mature, intelligent idiot who was an adorable golden baby and is a handsome awesome young man!!

Happy birthday P……. !!!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Son!!!

  1. Remarkable expression of love. Loved it ❤️
    Only thing that comes to my mind is “Words” number by Boyzone…bcos these words take my heart away. Makes me realise my mothers unconditional love, which today I miss deeply 😞

    Best wishes for a strong bond of love always. Good day !

    Happy Birthday to your son! Stay blessed 😄


  2. What An Emotional Tug At The Heart Strings… My Emotions Felt As If It Was Being Controlled By A Puppeteer, As I Read Your Amazing Memories Of Your Baby Boy Who You’ve Raised To Be A Really Fine Man, A Doctor…A Saviour For Many!!!
    This Was A Really Awesome Read!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIVANG ❤


  3. Reena, how well you describe! Its awsome. You are a desciptive writer. Its a treat to read the detailed love and care of a mother for her child.
    I admire you.

    Liked by 1 person

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