Dual Standards I declare!!

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Everytime there is an attack in some corner of the world ..a deplorable and heart wrenching act of terror.. a show of extremism and cowardice from factions reeling under themisconceptions that they are following a God, a religion , a duty my heart feels like it’s a sponge being wringed by an unseen hand…every drop of blood and juice being cruelly squeezed out until what is left is just a big lifeless mass of muscle wrenched out from the chest!!!
I thankfully have not known these people these innocent bystanders who had the misfortune of being at the wrong place at the wrong time but still my heart goes out to them a and their families. Did they know that this would be the last time they dragged themselves out of bed, brushed their teeth or bathed when they got up this morning!! Did they have an inkling that the celebrations they dressed up to be a part of would be the the exact spot for grieving a few hours later. Did they realise as they kissed their wives goodbye or promised their son to get him a brand new bike in the afternoon that it was the last time they would ever be able to do that?? Did they know that when they yelled at their daughter as they stomped out the door to put the phone down and wear something decent that it was the last time they would play moral police in their home??
No one knows..no one can know.. The time , the place, the moment when their lives are meant to be snuffed out!!! Religion , race , color, geographical placement nothing.. Nothing can tell us when , how , why!!!! Then who made these terrorists God??? Who gave them the right to play God..to take away lives???
When there is a calamity of this nature , caste and creed doesn’t matter only the fact that they were innocent!!
And then , as you pour over the Internet and social sites looking for a rhyme or a reason, staring at pictures of devastation and tears, reading about how they were gunned, ploughs, bombed down … Scores of them.. from diverse nationalities… that one frustrating piece of news jumps out at you and makes you grimace at the pettiness and unjustified fakeness!!!

In a country where every minute there is a death by unfair means, a murder, a rape, a mob thrashing, a police lathi charge, a Bhai-type encounter, a brutal domestic incident, a dowry death, an honor killing, an acid attack by a shunned lover, a gangrape by a brother and his friends, a selling of a wife’s body to the highest bidder, a young girl sold to be shared by seven brothers in a female deprived state , sexual harassment in offices, buses, trains, malls, taxis…..in a country when everyone turns a deaf ear when a citizen cries foul including the police and judiciary… In a country where calls of patriotism have been reduced to a whimper as a call of duty on republic day not stemming from the heart and soul… In such a country suddenly patriotism rears it sleeping head when it comes to Indians in foreign lands being dealt an injustice!!!
When an Indian maid in New Zealand is beaten, Indians become all patriotic and protest, when an Indian in Canada is attacked racially we suddenly feel very angered!!! When a plane is brought down we headline “two Indians amongst the dead ” like the others had no nationality. When a terror attack takes place the headline says some Indians were there just minutes before the attack!!!
Fine, I agree that we are all outraged when ours are stomped upon and equally relieved when ours are safe but my question is Why not react this way on home ground too.. Why not feel so outraged when things happen to Indians on Indian soul too.

Why is a rape forgotten the next day, why is the mafia allowed to get away with plundering, why is a dowry death still prevalent, why girls still being sold, raped, killed with no one being brought to justice??? Where does the patriotism disappear to at that time??? Where are the news people, the police, the judiciary then??? Why not protest about that????
Double standards????                                                                                                             Pretentious???
Self obsessed????
What are we as a society I wonder!!! It’s not like a large part of the janta doesn’t feel and bleed with every act of depravity and takes to the street to show their unhappiness but that is just a tiny fraction of us without the backing of the people that really can make a difference….the politicians , the police , the justice system , the media need to have the citizens back and feel equally offended when their people are dealt an injustice at home as much as when an Indian is mistreated abroad!!!
Come on media… Focus as much indoors as outdoors when it comes to protesting against misdemeanors and injustices served to not only Indians but also those of other nationalities especially on our Bharat Maa ki Dharti!!!! #NiceAttack

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3 thoughts on “Dual Standards I declare!!

  1. What a valid argument!!! The news of these constant attacks are on the ever escalating high and much a do is made about it, valid!… But “cleaning up your own home before sweeping the streets” should be practiced by all humans, in all countries, regardless!!!
    It is sickening when the locals become nothing than a mere “statistic”, the police with the “oh, it was probably deserved” kind of mind-set.
    This blog NEEDS to be read by as many people as possible and MEDIA need to understand that ANY kind of attack on Any person, regardless, should NOT be made a mockery off especially when families are grieving!!!
    I love the thought that was put into this blog, it was written with feeling and realism… again I say, what a valid argument!!! Brilliantly written and 100% agreeable.

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  2. I don’t know why it works the way it does. Every attack or every other rape or every other crime is merely a news for us. We only tend to care when it involves someone we know. It’s sad. People have busy lives, they switch channels, see the updates, mourn for a while and get back to their routine. Media plays a very important role in this I feel in changing the mind set of the mass. Instead of fretting about who is wearing what, which celebrity is holidaying in which country, what wedding attires did they chose, how they looked then and now, blah blah blah… I feel it’s utter non-sense to give importance to such immaterial stuff when there is so much to ponder over.

    May the souls rest in peace.. #NiceAttack


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