The Perilous Journey πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡!!





The Perilous Journey πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡!!!!!!

After many days she ventured out!!!
Truly brave of her, she thought since the terrible weather that had kept her and many others confined indoors for many days, had not really relented yet. However knowing that the season had not yet run its life and had much energy left in it, she decided to go about her daily chores as usual…after all how many days more could she ignore her commitments and let the rain Gods govern her decisions.
The monsoons , as every year, lashed and raged, pausing at the wrong time and whipping up a force at unforeseen moments often catching everyone off guard and sending them scrambling for cover. It wasn’t as if we don’t know they are around the corner but are still never mentally or infrastructurally fully ready for them.
“Hell, life goes on “, she said to herself and gathering her rain cape in a brilliant and cheerful floral hue, her umbrella and hand bag, she made a dash for her car as the drizzle began to come down again.
Her workplace was an hour away .. The traffic making the distance more exaggerated.
As she revved up her engine, she mentally patted herself on her back for her bravado and her brilliant choice of a smaller car for today’s journey guessing that it would probably zip more easily in and out of the traffic while the other poor Beamer and Audi owner twiddled their thumbs in the queues!!!
She accelerated out of her society gate, which had a little dip in the tarmac at its base…she could hear Aunty Feroze yelling expletives at her as she splashed collected water from the under the tyres onto aunty’s garishly blue geometrical print dress that she reserved only for a special occasion!! Shit she thought, I am going to have to make sure I don’t bump into her in the next few days or I will have to listen to a long lecture about how negligent and morally disrespectful I had been!!! “Tamme joyu nathi “???? …shriek shriek!!!
The next kilometer was a sinch ….she stepped in it hoping to beat the red light and hence save on a few precious minutes but suddenly her heart felt like it had left its secure space in her chest and jumped up to her mouth…she felt herself sailing through the air, hurtling down into an endless abyss, blackness all around her as she was tossed up and down . The seatbelt was relentless in restraining her , thankfully,or she was convinced she could have given superman a ride for his money!!! Her head bobbed up and down much like that stupid little dog that her irritating neighbour had perched on the rear screen of his car… She felt as if her neck was about to separate from her body and be dunked through the bars by a rugby player!!!
She held on for dear life as the car played out a scenario reminiscent of the boat in the Perfect Storm that she watched a couple of days back as she waited for the rain to abate.
Soon the vehicle landed with a thud as it finally reached the bottom of this seemingly bottomless pit and again she was yanked rudely backwards by the seat belt as she fought with it in an attempt to sail through the windscreen . Alas her flying aspirations were thwarted by that stubborn strappy thingy and she had to be satisfied with a rocky landing , stuck to her seat, that caused her car bumper to call out and grown in protest!!
Almost as soon as she gathered her wits and took firmer control of the steering wheel in order to restore balance to the car and herself, she felt herself rocking from side to side as she involuntarily stepped onto the gas and felt herself rise from the deepest realms into space again, lifting and sailing upwards, as her boat pitched from side to side.. Violently, continually!!!
“Oh lord!!!…. I feel sick…what is happening “???? There wasn’t supposed to be any sort of crater or chasm on this route..where had she wandered??? Did she take a wrong turning as she dwelled on the pile of work which was probably on her desk by now? How did she manage to fall into this endless pit…would she make it out safely??
Her questions were soon answered cos she could feel her car stabilizing as all four wheels finally stood on terra firma and stopped trying to get away from the axle in an attempt to gain independence from all nuts and bolts . The end of years of slavery to metallic masters!!
Heaving a sigh of relief at being alive she quickly patted herself down to make sure there were no broken bones or rivulets of red colored tell tale signs through her newly starched white blouse. Satisfied that all 108 bones were intact and her shirt was still a brilliantly bleached piece of art , she hurriedly clasped her seat belt and tore out of her seat as soon as the door opened like the demons were after her !! She had to make sure the vehicle was stable and safe , not on the edge of a cliff or something into which it must suddenly decide to take a nose dive with her in it!!!
She clambered out and on her feet, surveying her surroundings with terror in her eyes!!! As she looked around, senses restored and eyes adjusted, she could hear loud raucous sounds emanating all around her.. Consistent in a pattern… Unrelenting and angry!!! Sounded like a thousand horns honking all at once!!!
Oh God, have others suffered a greater plight than I have ?? Are they injured and crying for help??? Why the ruckus???
She quickly collected her wits and surveyed the scenario around her . Unlike in her imagination , she was merely standing in the middle of the road , not at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, with several lines of cars behind her and beside her their furious occupants all gesturing wildly and shouting non- hearables at her because apparently she was holding up half of the city’s traffic and they were not amused!!!
Why you ask???
Well unjustifiably of course!!! She could not fathom why everyone seemed so mad at her. Can’t one get any kind of sympathy from fellow citizens anymore?? After all rather than appreciating that she had just been through a trauma, defied death and come out triumphant, they were livid!! Where is the empathy in today’s society??
For God sake, bear with me , she thought to herself …
” I have just survived a POTHOLE “, she cried , with her eyes to the heavens!! “Celebrate with me “!!!


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One thought on “The Perilous Journey πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡!!

  1. Yet again, your writing had me hooked and clenching my fists in suspense, waiting to read as quickly as I could to get all of the story… almost like a starved someone, seeing food after ages. Well written, full of humour-filled suspense and drama. Loved it!!!


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