How the Mind Wanders at 35000 ft

imageI have travelled in aircrafts for as long as I can remember since my Dad’s job and his postings around the world allowed us the luxury , years before most of us made it a routine….
There are still things about air travel that never cease to amaze…
Firstly, the trivial detail of how tonnes of steel and its occupants of no mean weight can defy the very norms of gravity and lift itself off the ground finding a place in those out of reach clouds!!! It’s still mind boggling to me!!
Flying out of Bombay in particular is quite a story…the airport is busier than a railway station and just as comfortable as the snooty lady wheeling her LV cabin bag and throwing her iPhone into a Dior before security , is the quintessential dhoti-chappal clad, “thaila” carrying, (hopefully not-yet paan spitting) passenger yelling out to other similar citizens across the boarding halls in ear shattering decibels, more in tandem with catching a train from Agra to Patna .

(NB…I sincerely feel that there should be a set of rules about airport etiquette laid out in order to protect the sanctity of air travel’s reputation. On the lines of uniforms in schools and workplaces, maybe we could lay down a benchmark for airport dressing…not necessarily coats and ties since most people not on a business trip would balk at the very idea of travellung in such stiffness when they have Goan beaches and monitors on their minds…however at least a pair of pants or formal cropped pants …not those “bermudde” worn by a yuppie from Delhi heading for a proudly announced destination wedding in the beach starts at the immigration counter itself… A nicely ironed shirt and a pair of shoes..formal or moccasins for comfort..definitely not those abhorring chap pals that everyone seems to wearing outside their bathrooms with the pure intention of showing off their grossly unmanicured nails and chapped feet!!! Puke!!!)

The din across the waiting lounges seriously makes me stop in my tracks in incredulance and gape long enough for a nice lady to come along and shut my dropped jaw for me!!! She obviously is more used to this than me and carries on with her journey after a smug smile and did I detect a slight nod and look of resigned reassurance??? Ahh…obviously I am not the first to have these reactions and reservations !!
What happened to flying being a luxury only for the privileged few!!! Phew!!! At the risk of appearing snobbish, I beg to protest!!
Queues in front of ration depots and government offices are shorter than those in front of boarding gates now and once you actually get into the flight and belt up , you almost expect vendors selling yellow car cloths, strawberries and cheap plastic toys to tap on your window as ,again ,we join another queue of crafts waiting on the runway!!!
Oh Lord, will we ever take off??
Finally that accomplished, I can now forget all else and wonder at the Bombay coastline weaving it way along the ocean…water still does something exciting to me , scary though it can simultaneously be !! Deep, dark, mysterious and all-encapsulating!!
It’s like a game to me…watching the buildings and cars drop away into the distance until they resemble little else than a live Monopoly board with activities left behind also reminiscent of the ‘ houses and hotels ‘ acquiring days of our youth!!!
I try and spot familiar landmarks , ,which is impossible considering the size of the place, read hoardings before they become

I interestedly watch trains plying along railway tracks now looking as insipid as the toy ones our brothers played with back in the day!!! I wait till all the details become a blur, the night lights allowing me to imagine that I had just left the streets and lights of Paris rather than Mumbai cos The city,Β from a distance or in the dark ,is a misleading looks neater, emptier, more disciplined and definitely cleaner!!!
Meandering streams and miles of natural emptiness from up here remind me of my sexy American Geography teacher in Kenya who was alway too busy drawing on the blackboard to notice that the boys in class had no interest in the illustrations she was attempting!!
Oh is that what she was trying to show us…streams, craggy mountains, oxbow lakes, basins, valleys, deltas , topographical contour lines and what not..!!
All we noticed was her extremely voluptuous and somehow vocal toosh that seems like it had a mind of its own….!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

The mind is a wonderful thing! Never stop it from wandering cos some of the journies it takes you on you can never ever hope to go on in your actual life …mine works overtime all the time!!!

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2 thoughts on “How the Mind Wanders at 35000 ft

  1. Again, reading your writing, which is so expressive and engaging, one cant help but feel like they’re right there experiencing the very same things!!!… The mind is definitely as powerful as you allow it to be!!! This was another super piece of work!!! Enjoyed the read!!!

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