We’re Sexy…but I wish We Knew It!!!





Sexy is a very loose term used nowadays..there was a time a decent ” sanskari “person wouldn’t dream of uttering this blasphemous word along with its three lettered shorter version for fear of being condemned to hell and branded a characterless mindless disrespectful cockroach!!!
Good boys and girls were not to expect their uttered words to be heard and then beeped out..they were simply not to even think of allowing these terms to escape their lips!!
What goes on in our mind when we think of these words may be over exaggerated …the word sexy as defined in the dictionary means appealing, alluring, attractive, seductive, sexually attractive, suggestive,etc but when we hear it our mind goes into overdrive and what rings a bell is seductive, flirtatious, sexually inviting, flamboyant, sultry seducer , tempting provocative and the likes.
As long as it doesn’t have a negative backlash I don’t mind any of these terms cos when you are feeling sexy you certainly feel like all of the above too even if you not sending out such feelers or sexual signals to all and sundry.
In my mind it’s important to feel sexy….for yourself , not to attract the opposite sex unless it’s your husband and the like .
One doesn’t have to have the ideal figure, face or hotness to feel sexy. I think sexiness exudes from self confidence…this can be achieved by many a way which doesn’t involve dressing down to the bare minimum or involve unnecessary skin show.
It may be derived from dressing up to feel comfortable and bring out your best features … feeling good about yourself when you have achieved something you are proud of… This automatically brings out the swagger in your stride and confidence in your stature…..
It could be from something as simple as wearing the perfect shade of lipstick that puts that mysterious pout into play, that gloriously blownout hairdo that exudes sexiness with every bounce…
That pair of high heels that you strut in lifting your carriage and making your stance one of a person who knows how where she’s at!!!
Sexiness is you at your best…happy, carefree, self confident, self respecting and self accepting!!!!
I am sexy … Not always but definitely when I complete my new painting , get a great feedback on my new blog, when my children make me feel proud, when I have on my red tomato lipstick, my six inch heels , my layered billowy hair , the clothes that become me( that doesn’t happen too often nowadays) like that black silk saree and most importantly, MY SMILE!!!
Oh yes , I do feel sexy occasionally and that day I’m sure it shows!!

Girls , feel sexy for yourself cos we know that when we want to feel that way it’s for our eyes only not for saliva dripping nonentities with misgivings and unfounded ideas of their desirability!!! We are all great at something or the other and I guess we simply have to give ourselves a chance and time to discover US thereby ensuring that whether anyone else agrees or not, we feel good about ourselves… Sexy even!!!!
Of course a figure like Jennifer Lopez , hair like Dimple Kapadia, height like Deepika, eyes like Elizabeth Taylor would speed things up considerably along the path of self discovery!!!!
But it’s ok…I am what I am and it’s not too bad!! Could’ve been worse!!



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2 thoughts on “We’re Sexy…but I wish We Knew It!!!

  1. I’m WOWED again!!! I was asked the other day: “You’re a girl, how can you call another girl sexy?”… Being the rebel I am, I was quick with my retort which I think was sufficient enough to make my opponent back off πŸ˜‰ Just from reading this blog, your introduction in particular, made me realize that for the generation or two before me, hearing the word sexy was preposterous and disrespectful but for me it was just another word used to describe the amazingly ridiculous amount of gorgeousness this girl had, or anyone for that matter πŸ™‚ We’re living in a world of “freedom of expression” so words like Sexy, Hot, Gorgeous, Sultry are mere words used to express that awe you’re feeling or seeing in someone, and “most times”, for the majority of people who use these words, its nothing more than just that!
    About feeling sexy, hell yeah!!! πŸ˜‰ Regardless of your age, stance in society or where you come from!!! As I so often say, “Confidence is contagious”, for me confidence is thee most sexy trait in a person… Just owning yourself!!!
    Awesome read!!! #GeniusWriter #GeniusAtWork #SexyGenius :p

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