First Impressions..Hitting The Road!!

While on the first few days of the Candian Rockies tour, I was overwhelmed by emotion and jotted this down while in the coach…my intro to my holiday sojourns in Canada…over the next few days I would love to share some experiences and emotions in detail with you all..most of you have been travelling a lot longer than I have and have more experienced than me but each one has a special one !!!

The Canadian Rockies

Seldom have I been so overwhelmed or humbled by nature as I have been these past few days.
I consider myself a water person (cos I have this love/hate relationship with the deep and mysterious seas but at the same time nothing makes me happier than the sight and sounds of water…nothing can stop me from plunging in at the slightest opportunity ) but now I have been pushed to add myself to a new category too… I am a mountain person too..I am not converted but my loyalties seem to have taken a temporary turn.
I have been amazed, awe-inspired, reduced to tears, frightened, excited, childlike-in-wonder, sometimes disappointed… All in the span of four days.
I have been blessed..I have driven wide beautifully manicured roads into the spectacular Rocky Mountains, marveling at nature as they loomed above me in all their glory…
Standing tall and fierce…proud, magnificent, ominous even…telling a story that goes back to the times of their creation…..holding their own through it all….enveloping a world of emerald and cyan green lakes, turquoise and peacock blue ones (along which I have walked trying to take in the beauty at every angle ), flora and fauna of all scales, wildlife and humans abundant…protecting and threatening all at the same time.
Humans have scaled them, traversed them , climbed them, built on them, cut through them, revered them through time but they have stood their ground and held their heads up high… Their slopes ridged, craggy and tough…imposing in their grandeur…their tips a bowl of snow with glaciers running down, weathered and dented by changing acts of nature… their bosom encapsulating thousands of lakes with a fierce protectiveness and good-natured humor..almost with a smirk as they allow the tragically pathetic human being to live with the misconception that they have tamed the wild yet secure in the knowledge that they have simply humored them for years… Played with them like an indulgent mother, scolded them like a big brother and unleashed their anger like a disciplining father..sometimes gently rugged and approachable , sometimes angry and stormy….but always proud and majestic!!!
I bow down to Mother Nature and accept my insignificance with humility!!

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