Flowers at the Door


She was upset, really upset!! Even though she knew there was no point in running the string of events over and over in her mind till she welled up with tears every hour! She was only torturing herself!! There was no one to understand her trauma, no one she could explain to , no one who had enough patience to listen!!
Yesterday had been the worst day of her life!! After years of ups and downs In life she thought that they together had been through the worst and emerged victorious!! Surviving bad times and laughing in good ones. They were blessed to have a loving family and a lot more blessings than many have and yet…
They seemed to be going through a phase…one was run down, unwell and tired most of the time..the other impatient, angry, quick to jump to conclusions, quick to react and with less and less control upon voicing bitter opinions!!
Their banter changing to argument, their jokes beginning to offend, discussions no more welcome, decisions thrust, opinions biased and judgemental!!
Yesterday went a step huge a step that it was more like a leap off the edge!! Hatred poured, accusations flew and acid tongued rebukes and rebuttals surpressed desperate attempts at clarification!!

And he lifted a hand!!!!
She was ruined forever…it had been the last straw and she still reeled from the intensity of the fight!!
Yet she continued , knowing that things had changed forever!! Words once spoken can never be taken back and actions once performed were cemented in the mind forever! But life goes on…ignoring or rebelling!! The children mattered too much so the decision to stay was unquestionable..they were young and she wanted to feel as if she was still needed..for her own peace of mind!!
So the next day dawned..sullen, dull , painful yet normal..there was no way she was going to let her kids know what really happened.
So she went on her way, household chores done, newspapers read, kitchen visited and falsely normal conversations on the phones!!
Just then the doorbell rang!!
Wiping a bead of sweat from her forehead, she opened to door to see no one! Perplexed she looked out over the driveway before the fragrance wafted up and met her olé factory sences!! The smell was divine..floral, powerful and glorious!!
She realised that the the source was right at her feet and as she glanced down , the most colorful and resplendent bouquet of flowers sat adorning her threshold!! She frowned wonderingly as she lifted the basket in one hand while looking for a card with the other but no tell tale slip existed to announce the name of her benefactor! No label, no Note, no address!!
Wow she had a mystery suitor!!
All of a sudden she stood taller, thrust her chest out like a preening peacock , tossed the duster aside and strode confidently  out of the house to see if she could catch the back of the delivery boy or a neighbour who could shed light on the sender of this this array of color and fragrance.
No one was to be seen! Where were the neighbors when u needed them?? Why can’t their nosey selves have been doing their job while the flower guy stood on my doorstep!!
She went back into the house , did another dissection of the bouquet and sans answers proceeded to wet the moss block that held her treasure in its base. She lovingly placed the basket in the Centre of the dining table where it could be seen best and stood back to admire it.
In fact that’s all she did the rest of the day after making a few phone calls to her girlfriends trying to get insight into who could have felt like filling her world with joy right now.
After meeting with blanks she decided to just enjoy the fresh floral aroma wafting around her apartment and everytime she would pass the table she lovingly ran her fingers thru the riot of red roses, gerberas and carnations cosied up together and smile.
The next couple of days were sad and low, both of them avoiding each other and each other’s eyes yet putting up a show of normalcy for the kids.
It was a Monday morning when the ice broke for a second and he looked up from his newspaper to ask..”You never said anything about the flowers I sent you. Did you like them?”
She turned around in surprise cos this was so unlike anything he had ever done in 20years of their married life! He had no clue how to give gifts or be romantic and flowers were just a waste of money cos they withered away anyway!!
She stood tongue tied and then falteringly muttered, “I loved them..thanks”!!
Astonished and bewildered, she carried on pretending to dust that squeaky clean spot on the lamp , a hint of a smile lurking and threatening to escape in the corner of her lips!!

Somewhere deep down the love still existed!!!



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One thought on “Flowers at the Door

  1. This read left me with a lump in my throat… Somehow, as you write and express yourself, one cant help but feel your emotions… Be it the anger, hurt, frustration, pain or shock/confusion. Painful but beautifully expressed!!! #MyGenius #ProudOfThePersonYouAre ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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