Are We Overly Critical of Films?

Disclaimer: these are my own thoughts, individual thoughts , so trollers out there don’t bring out your guns please!! I am not trying to thrust any ideas into people, simply speaking my mind!!

I think I am a very easy audience… It doesn’t take much to entertain me!! I just want a fresh storyline or even if not totally fresh, at least one that’s keeps you in your seat for the 2.5hrs run without making you run for the exit door!!
I am not trying to come across as an expert on films cos that I definitely am not. I am just an audience who goes to the theatre to be entertained, live a new life for a few hrs, relax and have fun… (Of course, a few hot or cute bodies , catchy or romantic songs and mesmerizing locales would just aid the process).
Therefore pls do not think that I have turned into a critic but I allow myself to leave my stressed brain at home as well as my diary on which I jot down points about the movie that I intend to troll virally on social media. I am not one to try and prove a point !! Or criticize unnecessarily or pretend to be a very savvy movie goer… I am simply a common man with an open mind.
Films take a very very long time and a lot of hard work to script, conceive, pre produce, execute, bring to life, edit, enhance with music and finish before they are brought to the audience.
A vision, an idea has to be translated into reel… Actors have to bring it alive, singers and musicians have to pour soul into it , directors have ensure a mere idea on paper is treated properly to do justice to the concept without killing it!!
Money, time, sweat and tears maketh a film.. Not glamour and pomp and show like most people think!!!
I am more open to new ideas, I feel , than most of the trollers or self styled critics doing the rounds on social media. Sometimes I come out of a theatre after seeing a film which received a lot of flack for scripts, or acting prowess’s or music or direction and I think to myself..”It wasn’t that bad..I quite enjoyed it!! Why were the reviews so bad!!??” Obviously either I am not clued in at all to the film business or I am like I said, more opened minded and less inclined to dig out faults forcefully!!
I do agree , of course , that every type of film or genre cannot be appreciated by audience en mass cos every person out their comes with different taste, expectation or background and may or may not understand a particular type of film but that doesn’t not mean that you simply trash everything in the film  just cos it send the car registers ringing!! There is more to film making than mere numbers!! Box office trends cannot be the sole measure for the genius of a movie!
Films are meant to entertain..give us a variety of content….provide fresh ideologies and stories…bring in new faces to present their unique acting talents thereby not boring us with the routine and mundane.
They can be real, imaginative, feel-good or morose. They can be true stories or ridiculously fictitious… Sci-Fi or back-door tales, fables ….they can be funny or dramatic, adventurous narratives or documented ones…they can be dull dark and sinister or adorably animated!! The genres are endless and so should be the opportunity to experiment for the film makers.
The moment we start overly judging each little aspect or detail, questioning if this and that is possible, criticizing imagination and fantasy …trolling story writers or directors or actors, we are effectively telling them not to be experimental, not to think up new content or ways to portray their thoughts… Not to give us something new to look forward to…not to transport us to new realms of life that we could never think of otherwise or give us a reason to forget our own lives and live that of others for a few hours.After all that is why we pay to go to a theatre and spend 2.5 hrs staring at a screen and ingesting useless calories!!
We need to fuel our brains with the impossible, the inconceivable, the real, the monstrous, the hilarious, the depressing, the hopeful, the romantic, the eye-opener, the teacher!!!
That’s why films are made and that’s why we need them.
Let’s allow the filmy people to do their job, to experiment, to deliver, to entertain without pulling out our axes every time and clobber their artistic instincts to bits everytime our minds work overtime and try and analysis and trash everything they attempt to say or do!!
Come on guys ..everyone is not perfect, their work is not perfect, but then nor are we!!
I need entertainment in my life and I am ready to accept dollops of what they are dishing out cos I am not a stereotypical audience and I am not restricted in my interests!! I love variety, I love a good story and I love a new twist to story telling!!
I am not a troller…I am the audience!!

One thought on “Are We Overly Critical of Films?

  1. I could not agree with you any more!!! Though its your own opinion, mine is pretty much the same!!! Appreciating talent and spurring someone on for what they are trying to do gives them an opportunity to try harder, do better, deliver more… What merit in that, as opposed to “killing the buzz” for all involved in a film as well as the audiences’ expectations. I also agree that there are more and more bloggers, reporters, journalists who as “dissing” movies or rating them according to their own standard (whatever that may be) instead of waiting a while and getting a general response from the audience for whom the movie is made. I have always supported talent and effort and I’m so glad that there are people like you out there who do too!!!

    Your blog (though your own point of view) was again, well expressed, clear and sends your message out loud and clear!!!

    Bloggers, vloggers, journalists, reporters should read this blog and take some time to think about the content of their articles/comments etc instead of playing the “I will be the first to give the review” antics that’s happening currently!!!


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