The Avoidable Fruit!


It’s a flood…a free flow torrential downpour of festive offers, discounts and temptations!! I’m sure even Adam and Eve had it better..they had only one thing to resist which they couldn’t!! So no one can blame us for crumbling when every audio visual medium is urging us to drop everything , pick up our wallets and shop!!

No cars are needed, no need to dress up either or negotiate traffic they say!! Sit in your living room and .. in your ac need to sweat it..just spend it!!!
70% off, two plus one, buy one get one free, pay later, COD available, itne kam mein, bachao, cash back, exclusive, pamper your loved ones, pamper yourselves, more for less, sale sale sale, EMI available…endless ways to convince you to loosen your purse strings are doing the rounds nowadays.
Instead of the melodious music or your favourite soap you are met with voices going yap yap yap…while you twiddleyour thumbs and drum on your coffee cup , you get a free session of hypnosis turning you into a prospective shopaholic!!
It actually takes a monstrous amount of will power to direct your thoughts towards the overflowing wardrobes, the museum like living room filled with artifacts that would put the Louvre to shame, the amount of rejected gifts handed out and returned with a tweek of the nose in distaste by relatives ,sitting there never to be replaced, the shoes pouring out of the shoe rack that were bought in a hurry and now either killed your feet, were out of fashion, too high too low, peeling off or just sitting their mocking your impulsiveness and silliness!!
Every few months one has access to changing fashions and beautiful new products so do we really have to go crazy in the pretext of discounts and splurge on stuff we really don’t need and then have them occupy space in our Almirante quite uselessly!! Shouldn’t we wait till it is imperative to buy something new even if we shell out a bit more for it!! At least the need for it makes it worth its while!!

The need of the hour today is to protect our environment therefore other than clogging our homes, the cycle of buy, use and throw , particularly bio nondegradable products , are cloggging the earth too. What we so callously reject is going indiscriminately into untreated landfills causing more harm to the environment than you and I can imagine!!

The true wealth or treasure we have is nature..Mother Nature needs to be nurtured, protected..if we can slow down our frequency  of acquiring and desposing in such a nonchalant manner , maybe we can slow down the inevitable destruction of the earth as we know it..allow future generations to enjoy a non polluted breathable environ and prevent the expensive onslaught of having to treat waste at a furious pace. After all it’s our inheritance, one we need to hand down for our children!! What we throw out, the plastic used to manufacture it, the plastic used to ship it across to us, the toxic materials it contains… everything contributes to the mountain of waste building up which is a worse form of mass destruction than terrorism even in today’s and the deistant scenario. Therefore……!

Shopaholics and kleptomaniacs…please resist, defer,deter,  avoid, control!!!!

One thought on “The Avoidable Fruit!

  1. Urmmm this is some serious advice I need to heed… I’m guilty as charged!!! Shopping online, storing, hoarding… Uff the works!!! No real thought for anything beyond the excitement of BUYYYIIINNGGG!!!… No deeper thought for the environment or anything actually!!! Great read coupled with great advice and new perspective!!! Super!!!


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