Happy Birthday my darling daughter!!

When I look at you , towering over me , in your beauty and gracefulness, your effervescent same old self, sensitive, smart, mature, witty, intelligent, sharp , down to earth and humble still , I forget about the passage of time…for me the years have stood still……!!!
When you stand there jesting with me, teasing me, telling me how to dress differently, giving me makeup and makeover tips like a friend , making movie or swimming plans I still see you as that little girl who held my finger when the roles were reversed…
You sang poems in your little baby voice !
You squealed with joy as I pushed you higher on that dicey swing in our backyard !
You rattled off childish stories nineteen to the dozen while we listened in rapture !
We all clapped…forcibly as per your instructions 😍😍…as you paused dramatically in between endless narrations !!!
We were in awe of the grown up you were at three years so your maturity doesnt surprise us now!!!
It just makes us feel that we probably did something right in our lives!!!

(Ps we did two more right deeds 😜 but thats besides the point at this juncture!!)

Today we hold our heads up high, proud , childlike in our happiness, humbled by the young lady you have turned out to be..
May you always attain the heights and levels of happiness that are truly deserved and know that inspite of every little hiccup we will always be there for you in your highs and your lows.
Believing in you, praying for you and ridiculously proud of you because no one knows as well as us of your capabilty and devotion!!!

Happy happy Birthday my darling baby…nothing has changed this year except that you have continued to make us proud, you have struggled with ups and downs and have come out scathed yet victorious in overcoming your obstacles…you have continued to win hearts with your humility and hard work…may you continue to become stronger with each passing day and remember that we will always love you and be proud of the person you are!!

We will always love you…Have a great birthday!!!

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday my darling daughter!!

  1. TOUCHING!!! Full of love, emotion, adoration and pride!!! I’m so used to us fans spilling out our feelings for your precious baby girl… BUT… This cannot compare!!! Your expression of feelings for you baby and those pricelessly treasured moments & memories which are imprinted on your heart and speaks through your writing has left me with a lump in my throat and eyes brimming with tears!!! You’re to be celebrated too, for giving life to and birthing the angel who’s become the reason for all our happiness, the reason we look forward to a new day, our inspiration and motivation, our goal setter & head turner!!! Congratulations on raising such an amazing amazing angel!!! Our love, blessings and prayers are always with her!!! #HBDMyPariPie ❀

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  2. really touching aunty !! and yeah u should know that not only the family is proud of Pari we are all proud ad we will support her in everything she will do !!!


  3. Aunty ne Dil khol k rakh diya apna iss message mein… Bahut khoob par phir bhi Parineeti ke baare me Sab kuch nahi likh paaye.. Vaise bhi abhi tak aise shabd hi kahan bane Hai Jo Parineeti k vyakteetv ko bta paaye…. She is more hard working and sweet then anyone can think of…
    She is a great example for upcoming generation…
    Proud to be the member of your industry…
    Love you and wish you lots of success happiness and healthy life ahead

    Salute to Chopra family


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