Give Them A Chance!

It’s high time we stopped trying to perpetually give our children advice as per our knowledge and experience  whether required or not cos times have changed and so have experiences and circumstances.
We need to move with the times, accept the new , throw out the old. What we learnt from our experience may not be the ideal solution to today’s problems.
While we slept, the world moved ahead, new inventions were made, new solutions devised accordingly. They don’t need our answers , they have Google, they don’t need to be hands on and work like donkeys. Technology has made the toughest scenario more accessible and they know how to use it. Everything is online and they are online too unlike most of our generation.
We walkd the mile to get a small task completed. They have telecom and technology to do it in a fraction of the time and effort .
In fact maybe we should stop giving advise all the time. Just befriend them , act like dinosaurs and take advise from them. After all we have used our brains and resources to do our best for half a century. Now let them use theirs and figure it out for themselves.
Our ancient ways may actually be hampering their growth in this fast moving world and we may actually be doing them more harm than good by forcing them to see things our way!
Have confidence in their ability and your upbringing, push them to be independent and learn the hard way. Don’t force your ideas onto them for they will only resent you for it, not thank you. Be their wings, not the knife that cuts them down. Learn to say” Ok go ahead, I trust you to do the right thing ” instead of “Listen to me because I know Better”!!!
Remember, they have access to much more knowledge and advancements in this world than you do.
Learn to let go!! They make make mistakes or do things different from you but they will thank you for letting them find their own way in life! No one wants to live your life as you did, they want to live their own lives their way with their own experiences. Don’t be an obstacle in that journey. Hold their hand and walk alongside. Be the child not the parent for a change but be be available to them when they genuinely need you… to hold their hand, guide them. Lend them a shoulder to lean on. Laugh with them, assure them of your support forever and ever.
Just step aside but dont fall behind..keep pace!

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