My Amateur Tips For Loving Your Travels With Your Love!


10 unorthodox tips to enjoy your holiday with your partner which nobody will tell you!!

1. Make sure you pack the right type and quantity of clothes specific to the destination in terms of weather and vibe. Nothing can piss your partner off more than landing there and discovering that you don’t have appropriate clothing or end up sticking out like sore thumbs!! This can be extremely exasperating if your partner isn’t into shopping or if you’re travelling in a group where you can’t afford to look as if you’re a total misfit or ignorant. Imagine carrying only jeans to a place where dunners involve fancy restaurants and formal settings. Or freezing to death in cold weather until your partner is forced to buy expensive jackets which were never on the bucket list. Always do a full recci online about your holiday destination and arrive well prepared for all eventualities.

2. Talk about your budget and dos and donts before launching on your journey. This will allow you to understand what the holiday is intended to be like so there is no irritant during the trip. If shopping is ¬†one thing you plan to do, say so and discuss budgets and amount of time to dedicate to the activity. This ensures you don’t end up arguing on the sidewalk because you want to check out that last mall while your partner is rushing to try his hand at paragliding. Be clear about your intentions and then maybe things will just work in your favor cos the good moods may earn you brownie points for doing that extra shopping.

3. Always plan your stay in an area that works for both of you vis a vis the kind of activity you are intending to indulge in. There’s nothing worse than having to travel the extra two hours just to get to the beach or adventure sport Centre when ure already on a time crunch. Neither will it help to stay in cheap suburbs some 100 miles out if you intend to shop downtown or catch some shows and nightlife in the Centre of the town. The travel alone can shake up your budget so don’t actually end up being economical with time or money. Don’t be penny wise pound foolish!!

4. Make sure you get enough z’ssss cos however excited you may be to do everything you can in that new place, you need your rest too to keep the energy and enthusiasm up..particulars if you’ve flown half way across the world and are already tired from the travel. Some people just go crazy trying to be over energetic and then pass out somewhere in the middle of the holiday or end up falling sick!! Nothing better to ruin your holiday plans !!

5. Fight the jet lag wisely. After travelling extensively and hearing horror stories of how people pass out even due to jet lag or need two to get into the zone, I realise that the only way to beat it is to consciously change your own body clock to the destination time by sleeping at the correct times… Force yourself awake during their daytime right from the flight onwards by reading a book or listening to music or watching a marathon of movies even if it’s nighttime in your home country. Take the help of a sedative or alternative means to sleep in their nighttime again from the flight onwards. You could ask for chamomile tea or hot chocolate or whatever helps you to drop off .

6. Make sure your stomach clears at the right times. Indian Ayurveda gurus believe all evil emenates from the stomach and it has proved to be true!! Make sure your bowel system is right on point…take the help of fibrous foods, laxatives or whatever your system needs to throw out all wastes and toxins from the body at the right time..preferably first thing in the morning. There’s nothing worse than gases and constipation to mess up your entire holiday.. These will not only give you headaches and bloatedness but will also kill your appetite…what’s the point of a holiday if you can’t partake of the scrumptious local fare!! Not to mention the bad breath which will mess up your bedroom stories!!

7. Don’t throw tantrums, don’t be selfish, don’t insist , don’t be stubborn. A holiday should be something you both enjoy so discuss and agree on the venues, distribution of activities, budgets etc. Whatever you can do together is superb but if for some reason your partner does not want to be a part of a certain activity don’t insist or sulk or deride! Give him his do your thing and let him do his. Meet up later and exchange stories and experiences. He’s not a dog to be dragged everywhere by the collar. And vice versa of course!!!

8. Don’t go wild and ruin things and don’t be dull or a wet blanket either!! Enjoy each moment by giving it the correct amount of attention it needs. Don’t get drunk and embarrass your partner by flirting with everyone in sight but at the same time don’t sit out like a wall flower sulking cos this just wasn’t your cup of tea!! Live in the moment and make it as much fun as you can without going overboard. A long face is guaranteed to piss off the partner and ruin the rest of the holiday!

9. Don’t forget your body limits just cos ure on holiday cos being sick in a foreign country can be scary, expensive and just no fun!! If you know late nights or drinking doesn’t suit you.. Avoid!! If ure allergic to seafood don’t go near that lobster just cos the restaurant recommends it!! If the heats gets to you easily don’t be stupid and forget the sunscreen and hat. Better still go out in the evenings and get your afternoon siesta in order to be charged up for the evening. If you get seasick don’t go scuba diving just cos you want to show off the photos in a wetsuit back home or I’ll spend the rest of the trip in bed moaning and puking!!!

10. Last and certainly one of the most important things!! Do not deny having a good time !! It’s amazing how the mind of men especially suddenly become totally focused on the rollicking time they were going to get in their round bath tub or their private pool or whatever , the moment they buckle their seat belts on the plane out!! It’s as if the previous night in their own beds never happened and the pot of gold was actually at the end of the rainbow !!! If you want the moods to remain romantic and positive give tume to each other when the desire is surfacing!! You will both enjoy the intimacy more maybe cos both are away from mundane routines and stressful workplaces!! Or their are no screaming kids or mother in laws knocking down the romance!! Don’t let squabbles get in the way of discovering each other in a new place , new situation. It will certainly keep the man happy for sure!! Experience speaks!!