Czech Diaries 2…check!!!



So we drove on, Heading speedily toward the Czech Capital and on entering it initially it looked like any other modern town. I had almost expected to see a 12th century array of architecture from moment one but obviously like any other city, Prague or Praha as the locals refer to it , had progressed and huge branded showrooms stood on either side of the road, evidence of global presence in this European town.
We did all things touristy…began at the New Town Square with its hectivity and Mixed architectural buildings.

Our guided walking tour took us to the Old Town Square ,treading through typical cobblestone lanes which is something I love about Europe. Inspite of have progressed it has retained its old world charm and history and culture pour out from its ears.

Our knowledgeable guide prattled off a whole lot of interesting info , all of it of course I couldn’t absorb or retain. It I found it fascinating anyway and my fingers barely ever lost contact with the camera button.

The numerous beautiful churches of which some like the  Basilica of St Peters and  St Paul’s, church of Tynem  and St Vitus Cathedral etc are most popular landmarks. Imposing castles spew history and might , Town Halls and museums , bridges and arches..The Charles Bridge flanked on either side by stone and bronze statues, with its multitudes of artists busy rendering caricatures of highly pleased tourist clientele who giggled at the results quite happily was a merry sight. It was extremely crowded and it wasn’t even the peak tourist season yet!

The Astronomical Clock was not only gorgeous but mind boggling! Jantar Mantar’s European counterpart in function but not in style! . We happened to arrive just six mins before the noon hour when the clock strikes 12, led by a skeleton statue depicting death, pulling on the bell to announce the hour , followed by a dozen dancing figures that performed for us as the clock chimed! Every aspect of time related to the movements of the sun, moon, earth, zodiacs, days of the year, seasons etc are depicted on this one famous Prague landmark in the Old Town Hall. And it’s so
We would make our way through the Stoney lanes and the shops selling colorful souvenirs like wooden dolls etc. My fridge magnets had the be bought before we sat down and rested our aching feet. A shnitzel had to be sampled as did a candelini or something which was a very interestedly prepared baked cone made with flour and filled with chocolate and. Vanillas ice cream! Yum!!

And so our totally unemployed relaxed afternoon continued. We sat down on the cobblestone ground with many others like us to listen to a young band playing to a happy crowd who guzzled their beers down and cheered them along. Did I mention that apparently the Czechs are the largest beer consuming community in this part of the world and seeing the groups of people occupying the tables at the adorable road side cafes loaded with enormous pitchers of lager I could well believe it!!

The Variety of humans you encounter amuses you when you’re as unemployed as we were . Their personas,body language, behavior and looks can be a script for many a drama if you studied them for long enough. They sure come in all colors , shapes and sizes..some cheerful some grumpy.. some tall and well endowed , some pouring out of everywhere!! Some old and energetic , some old and amazingly still enthusiastic !! Some high on beer and life, some vacant and sad. We saw them all and passed time trying to attach a story to some of the most eye catching figures!!

And so our days were spent n similar lines until we were ready to go back to our temporary home at the end of everyday tired but happy! I had a big green tick on my list of to-do’s and a big grin on my face to match!


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