Out Of Fear or Actual Devotion?



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These past 8 days it has been very gratifying to watch the world running from doorstep to doorstep in an attempt to present themselves in all their supposed obeisance and humility to various Mata Ke Dwaras and ask for her forgiveness and benevolence, hoping to have her blessings showered upon them and all their misdeeds and sins forgiven!

While the inner bhakt in me appreciated the religious fervor which had overtaken the country and actually gloated at the fact that twice in a year at least I saw the male population, Arrogance and all still all- consuming, bend their heads in submission before a female deity, crediting her as all powerful entity , worthy of worship and the bestower of the salvation that he seeks so desperately, I also angrily marveled at The outright irony of the situation!!
Twice in a year, the female figure is put on a pedestal, recognized as a Devi , a mother, a protector, a symbol of love, the one to look to for repentance and forgiveness!
But after these nine days of prayer and fasting and single minded devotion, there strikes in the form of a virtual holocaust, a wide spread , irrevocable blindness and irreversible nonchalance towards the very sensitivity that governed the past few days of people’s lives!
What was once revered as a Devi , i.e. suddenly takes the form of a hot or not so hot mortal again , a piece of flesh to feast ones dirty, sexually perverted eyes and mind, drooling and salivating inappropriately, forgetting how they revered and worshipped her just a few hours back!
What a contradicting and fickle society we live in, what fraudulent behavior, what regressive thoughts, pure “DHONG” !!

2 thoughts on “Out Of Fear or Actual Devotion?

  1. ‘Dhong’ is exactly the way to describe it. All these so called god-men also proclaim to be the keepers of religion whom people are blindly following, and they are the ones indulging in the most inhuman acts. How can people put them on a pedestal when they aren’t even fit to be called humans?

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  2. The problem is that people are unable to identify the inner-God within themselves and, especially, in other people because of their ego and material beliefs. It’s also that some are putting on an act of devotion that lasts temporarily for however long the religious festival lasts. If people truly respected their faith, then this “dhong,” that you have mentioned, would’ve never been present.


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