Intolerantly tolerant..proudly so!!


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There has been a big hulabaloo over remarks about India and Indians being an intolerant country with intolerant citizens. I beg to differ.
If there is any show of tolerance in the world it is here!
We live in a place where only tolerance keeps us alive…
Tolerance for rampant chaos and In discipline
Tolerance for rowdy dadagiri in every sphere eg. on the road where even the worst road hog who has financed the purchase of a car with Daddy’s money has come onto the road without a basic driving test or knowledge of road ethics and throws his weight around while driving on the wrong side of the road and is very capable of whipping out a knife or gun at the slightest altercation.
Tolerance for the in-the- face mechanics of corrupt bureaucrats, politicians, police force , Medicos, educators, governance, financiers and engineers …everyone of which thinks only of filling his pockets with no regard for his country or countrymen.
Tolerance for the lack of empathy for human life in India…I almost feel as if the government almost welcomes the idea of a few lacs of people dying in some tragic circumstances en masse hence reducing the population of the country by default for a few minutes. Where their family planning campaigns have failed miserably maybe mother nature would step in and oblige them with a hurricane or two, a landslide or a traffic pile up wherein a few lacs of lives could be involved and they could turn their backs to readiness or rescue efforts and look up at the sky while shrugging their shoulders in resignation.
Tolerance for the rapist, the unruly youngsters or sons of self styled power crazy thugs who reckon that their money can buy anything..even the blessings of the devis that they bow down to before defiling a living devi in the back of their Mercedes or the godforsaken rogues who don’t mind a shared taxi to pick unsuspecting girls off the streets to vent their frustrations as they mutilate her sanctity !!
Tolerance for lack of basic infrastructural facilities that each tax paying citizen dishes out crores of their hard earned money for…tolerance for no power, no clean drinking water, no roads, no ethical medical and educational practices.
Tolerance for screwed up and now almost obsolete spirituality and morality that we Indians were once so proud of and looked up to by the world! Those who travel to supposedly Incredible India to seek peace and God go back with not so incredible experiences!!
Actually, the list of examples of our tolerance is so exhaustive that anyone seeking to Indulge in name throwing directed towards us , should think twice before doing so lest we shove our tolerance down their esophagus and sit back and gloat over the halo hovering above our heads!