Keep your f……. Nose Out!!

Why Does Everyone on Social media Have to Have An opinion ???!!!

It’s raining trolls out there!! I feel for you my friend!!

The one thing that hurts people the most is the fact that those who know nothing about what one has gone through or is going through, thinks they have the right to judge, pass comments, mock, call out, disgrace, insult and condemn.
I wonder if they looked back at their own lives , would they also not come across phases when they or their family has gone through hard times without making it obvious to the society they live in.
After all a family has a reputation or standard of living that they have earned, worked hard for and maintained with great difficulty.
This is life and the tide may turn for anyone but to sit and wallow in self pity and change ones living style so much that people notice, may be against one’s principals and pride!
Isn’t it better to appreciate ones friend or business acquaintance, fellow townsman, childhood friend, school pal or whoever he/she may be for tiding over the hardships without creating a flutter or situation where the world could have scoffed at you or derived satisfaction from.
Do you have his passbook with you? Do you know how they payed their bills? Did you give them monetary aid in their rough time?
Did you expect them to sell the house , car, assets they made in the better days just to prove to you that they are struggling so that you may not call them out after years. Were you aware of how they worked their assets off to get their shit together without causing distress to the children and family as a while? Were you even barely born then?
Were you present when they couldn’t pay for that extra treat which seemed once paltry, but assumed the size of a mountain when the bad phase set in?
Did you stand there and gather proof of high living standards when they actually had to scrounge for a few years to make ends meet and get back on their feet.
Can a parent not expect a child to support him in his efforts to spring back into action by giving up certain luxuries for a period of time or for teaching them to show strength of character, mind and body by sweating it out .
Do you have proof that the low phase did not happen just cos they had a roof over their heads, a vehicle to drive in that they bought while they were ahead, a school to attend whose fees were nominal…are you their accountant?
Who gives anyone the right to guess anything about a person’s life or why they did what they did? Does anyone call you out for saying or doing something …you must have your own reasons and just cos you’re living under a brick while others are out there in full view, it doesn’t give you the right to judge unless you have lived their lives for them.
They have been on top, they have slipped for a while, they have suffered things, tolerated stuff, cried, smiled, been tough, been weak, been strong.
They have fought their way back to the surface while maintaining their dignity, social position, humanity, pride and have gone on thereafter to ensure that they make up for they lacked in the past struggle, whichever way they could , so that the rough times would just only  seem like a far away nightmare they woke up from thankfully.
Haters, go hate somewhere else!!
Get on with your own lives rather than messing around with others!!
You don’t have a damn clue so ……!!!

There, my friend , I said it for you!!