First Impressions…but not the last!!!


It was the 15th of March when I touched down. The weather predicted was highs of 17 degrees and lows of 6 in Shanghai…mostly cloudy. And so hje light jacket came out.
It was cloudy ! Foggy and quiet..the cars travelling in discipline within their own lanes .The houses we passed on The way from the airport to the hotel stood in identical rows much like the terracotta warriors of Tian…morose and solemn.
After a while signs of cityife began to show, still shrouded in mist..nothing bustling or lively about it.

I love the Chinese’s very artistic.

Population demands the unending columns of residential highrises.

So much for the disciplined driving…when people speed coincidently within their lanes, they probably didn’t expect to be part of a pile up too often..I was greeted by one on the way …when one person applies the brakes the rest have to be vigilant.
Indians are good at missing !!!

Terrible weather..started drizzling !
Looks like a foggy Delhi.

Right hand drive…steering on the left still looks weird!
Getting closer to the city centre and the lights come on..
One tall building lit up with kaleidoscopic lights , throbbing bright against the dull dismal backdrop added cheer to the landscape.The majority of the buildings have a grey stone or terracotta facade.

We were approaching the bright city lights that excite me , the flyover , the interesting silhouettes, …..better! We’ve been driving for an hour already.

One more accident involving only two cars this time..the police are there in a jiffy and the rest of the people moved on in straight lines and straightfaced too like nothing had happened. In India there would have been a traffic jam by now when curious bystanders or drivers would apply the breaks in the middle of the road and rush to get in on the action . They obviously have more time to spare.

Now I need to get to the hotel, have a hot shower and a cup of green tea.

Apparently whatsapp, Google etc doesnt work here. What do Indians do here if they cant send their barrage of good morning messages at 5am every day?
We chat?

My pickup lady didn’t speak a word of English so it’s a quiet drive and hence the typing.

Yayyy…city centre them!! Puts a smile on my face anywhere I go…. even India looks clean at night.
If it wasn’t for the Chinese inscriptions on the buildings , I could have been in Bombay.
What if I was told to look for a building that didn’t have the name written in English too..many do and many don’t. Guess I won’t be finding it too soon.

I could soon make out that we getting close to the Swissotel Hotel in Jingan city centre cos I spied the Shaanxi Business Hotel , one of the hotels I haf been looking at. Little do they know there no business going on here…only PLEASURE!

A cross between Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong with vertical garden lining the roadsides….Love it!
We will continue to blame our population for the regression we face in infrastructure and conveniences but we won’t learn from these Chimes how to use this very resource to our advantage rather than make excuses for sheer indiscipline, laziness and selfishness.

The Great modern Shanghai that emerged from a humble fishing village was in all evidence now..they have come a long way!

They have a totally dedicated road for two wheelers seperated by a verge so no hanky panky on tje main higjway…impressed! We need one for cows and trucks!

I think every country in the world sends their garbage to India to recycle cos I’m.sure the amount of rubbish that lies around in the streets and neighbourhood can’t be produced by us alone!! No….even the smallest country in the world is spic and span while we dodge garbage with every step on the roads.

Random thoughts!

Ok we’re here…later!