15600107134066520992783061751774.jpgAt the end of this if you want to judge me then please go ahead! My menopause and thyroid hormones have rendered me quite the ‘I dont care less’ types now simply cos I have no energy to care..not that I am insensitive or anything!! Its enough to haul myself…. a much bigger myself might I add ..out of bed , than bother about what people are thinking of me.
Actually I am about to do the unthinkable. I am about to profess that I dont understand high end fashion #facepalm!! Oh the horror you must be thinking!! Does this woman live in the 21st century? Is she faking it? Is she demented! How can anyone not understand fashion ! What a faux pas of a life she must be living !! I can hear your hushed whispers, guys. I know you all are condemning me right now but I seriously couldnt care less! I’m too busy trying to yank my comfy old top which I used to float in a year back down my waist!! Somehow it seems to have shrunk three sizes!! And the lowers..dont even begin to ask about them. They seem to have a mind of their own and have suddenly developed a phobia for riding up my hips and stobbornly refuse to settle on my newly baked muffin top!! Talk about loyalty!!
Moving on, hopefully my mind still hasnt been served too much of a memory fog by the menstrual hormones who are waving goodbye with a smirk on their cruel lips, and I can still gather my thoughts together! Ps. Why the hell do these eostrogens and progesterones suddenly decide to disappear..after torturing us with floods all our lives now they fake busyness and walk off leaving us barren and exhuasted!! Im pretty sure they have no prior commitments or anything better to do! They are just sadists!!
Going back to the world of fashion, where was I? Oh ya..professing a lack of understanding and ineptitude when it comes to high end fashions vis a vis everyday fashion.
Street fashion I can do! High end fashion..I am zapped. My ignorance was set in steel today when I flipped theough the pages of the latest issue of Vogue.
Say what you may but I cannot find logic behind a 65000 rs scarf, or a 115000rs dress or 500000rs worth of bag ! Shoes for 250000rs? Come on..they’re ugly! And that ruffled gown with huge stones on the edges..165000rs? Ha ha ha!! First spend that much money and then walk around in a bejeweled tent! No way!!
My kids have given me a lot of explanations..its the quality, Its the workmanship its the etc etc etc! Okay I get shows in a car. It shows in many a place but that horrendous looking dress that is asking me to shell out more than I lost during the demonetisation days is beyond belief for me!
It doesnt even look comfortable! I feel as if I’ll be strung up like a starched chicken and struggle to remain on my feet while making a grand entry into any party! I fear the hospital bill I incur after falling flat on my face , twirled amongst its many flounces and frills will add to its renumeration at the end of the night!
For me fashion is comfort! Once upon a time it was purely about covering up! Loose, long, soft on the sking, flatteringly forgiving of all the bulges! It later translated to much more…what looked good, what felt good, what was trendy, what was more in sync with the times! Street fashion yes, branded fashion to a slight extent , me fashion Yes!!
I always profess to have and understand shoes more than I have clothes and my family and friends can vouch for that! Shoes are my thing ! Tall ones ,short ones, pointed ones, open toed ones, stilletoes, wedges, blocks, sneakers you name them I have them. People match shoes to outfits ..I do the opposite. I decide what shoes I’m feeling and search for clothes to go with them. In fact this illness runs in our family from my Dad downwards. If we were to guage wealth by the no. of shoes collectively in my family, we would be on our way to buy a luxury yacht right about now!
But , but ,but I reiterate…high end fashion freaks me out! I love running my hand down a good quality fabric or being awed by a label that I heard about in every magazine or fashion site but fathom its wearability or price , I rarely can!!
In fact even the grouchy models strutting up and down a runway wearing so and so’s clothes seem grumpy and uncomfortable in them. Have you ever seen one of those emaciated models let out a smile??? Think about it!!


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