Travel creates flavors!

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There’s something about watching floozy movies that breathes some hope into your life again! And Under the Tuscan Sun is one of those amazingly feel-good movies!
I saw it twice a number of years back but since my amazing amazing 21 day trip to Italy with my sister I have seen it 10 times more..and fallen in love each time cos now it was not just a sweet movie set in some European was that film whose very locations and setting was its real USP, the places I had just recently walked in !
Anyone who has been to Italy may not come back feeling as my sis and I do and just see the country as an overrated historical city with gigantic stone monuments ridden with cultural and political tales of love, power, marauding and plunder but I see it as a marvel of history and architecture! The huge stone walls that hold century old secrets are not cold to me but exude a sence of mystery and romance. I guess beauty really does lie in the eyes of the beholder.
The Colloseum depresses people who cant see beyond the images of animals in battle or of gory torture stories..those of plunder and death! But we stood within its gigantic walls and columns, looking down into the maze where prisoners and animals were kept and only saw history in its fascinating glory..The Duomos and Pontes, the museum’s and coastal towns, the castles and canals all met with our approval and received our stares of bewilderment and fascination.
Throughout our trip we marvelled and revelled even when things were not so perfect! I guess it was cos we were together and couldn’t care less about imperfection.
Under The Tuscan Sun brings it all back to me…Rome, Florence, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre…and above it all the serenity of Tuscany and its quaint villages and landscapes!
A strange feeling washes over me when I watch a film I can relate to…it could be just imaginary cos I guess everyone is a romantic deep down somewhere..but honestly I feel the sun on my face, I see the tall cypress trees standing guard over the undulating landscapes and the rolling plains with meandering roads that took us past gorgeous vineyards and into stony villages lost in time!

Sipping the local wines, reds , whites, rosรจs with pastas in arabiatta sauces or pesto sided with bruschettas of all sorts , reinvented this food for me and made me appreciate flavours a whole lot more! Flavors of the local cuisine, flavors of the local culture, flavors of street music and art, flavors of history, flavors of travel!!

The background score in the film adds to the romanticism of the moody scenes and you almost sway to imaginary notes from a harp or cello being strung by a well defined Italian hand.
I think our brains are so filled with tales of love set in Italy and France, it’s all we associate these places with when we see or read anything that is set against these backdrops. And I’m glad for it..amidst rumours of mafia activities or the changing scapes since time has moved on and strangers have cast their negativity on the original Italian flavour, I would still like to cling onto the hope that love will always linger overhead and retain its eternal flavour for ever more!
Travel certainly changes how you view life, people and places , Travel is the magic wand everyone needs in their life!

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