There are some positives too !!!



Words like eerie, deafening, bizarre, desolate, resounding etc have often been used to describe the sound of silence.
However, today, the only words I can think of are reassuring, beautiful, heartening, appropriate, enlightening and soothing.
This stay at home during the corona virus pandemic might be proving very difficult to most people especially those who are dependant on daily chores and wages or regular practical jobs and do not have the luxury of sitting at home but the janta curfew today comes like a breath of fresh air…literally!
The slowdown has already proven that pollution levels are lower. Animals have started returning to their natural habitats which have been run over by human activity….most of you must have seen the video of dolphins playfully swimming in the oceans. Human beings too have gotten that much needed break that they could never think of ever indulging in.
Today there are barely any man made sounds around us…baring those from a few idiots who are still in denial and are recklessly flouting all curfew norms , thinking they are invincible.
Today each bird song is clearly audible. The peacocks began calling out to each other at 5.30 informing their families that today is that happy day when the invaders will be stuck indoors and they are free to roam. The woodpecker’s steady tick tick can be heard, the minah bird is singing her song, the pidgeons are cooing happily, the swallows are flitting in joy.
The rustle of the leaves and the chitter of various birds and insects have never been so amplified!!
The palm fronds are rustling in the soft breeze, the berries on the trees are soaking in the sun instead of being beaten by sticks by greedy children.
Even the annoying yellow wasp buzzing around me seems to be more confident.
Never have my ears been so sensitive to the variety of sounds of nature than I am today as they are mostly undisturbed by engine sounds or shouts from wayward youngsters.
Ambala is still blessed to have so much of open green areas where flora, fauna and humans still coexist but today I am sure that cities like Mumbai and Delhi too may be giving their citizens a glimpse of what is was like before we monsters roamed the earth.
Its sad that it took a pandemic like this to restrict our movement, encroachment, plundering and abuse of our planet and Mother Nature but I hope this exercise brings to people the awareness of how good slowing down can be for everyone and everything.
God bless us all and keep us safe!20200320_101219

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