Keep your f……. Nose Out!!

Why Does Everyone on Social media Have to Have An opinion ???!!!

It’s raining trolls out there!! I feel for you my friend!!

The one thing that hurts people the most is the fact that those who know nothing about what one has gone through or is going through, thinks they have the right to judge, pass comments, mock, call out, disgrace, insult and condemn.
I wonder if they looked back at their own lives , would they also not come across phases when they or their family has gone through hard times without making it obvious to the society they live in.
After all a family has a reputation or standard of living that they have earned, worked hard for and maintained with great difficulty.
This is life and the tide may turn for anyone but to sit and wallow in self pity and change ones living style so much that people notice, may be against one’s principals and pride!
Isn’t it better to appreciate ones friend or business acquaintance, fellow townsman, childhood friend, school pal or whoever he/she may be for tiding over the hardships without creating a flutter or situation where the world could have scoffed at you or derived satisfaction from.
Do you have his passbook with you? Do you know how they payed their bills? Did you give them monetary aid in their rough time?
Did you expect them to sell the house , car, assets they made in the better days just to prove to you that they are struggling so that you may not call them out after years. Were you aware of how they worked their assets off to get their shit together without causing distress to the children and family as a while? Were you even barely born then?
Were you present when they couldn’t pay for that extra treat which seemed once paltry, but assumed the size of a mountain when the bad phase set in?
Did you stand there and gather proof of high living standards when they actually had to scrounge for a few years to make ends meet and get back on their feet.
Can a parent not expect a child to support him in his efforts to spring back into action by giving up certain luxuries for a period of time or for teaching them to show strength of character, mind and body by sweating it out .
Do you have proof that the low phase did not happen just cos they had a roof over their heads, a vehicle to drive in that they bought while they were ahead, a school to attend whose fees were nominal…are you their accountant?
Who gives anyone the right to guess anything about a person’s life or why they did what they did? Does anyone call you out for saying or doing something …you must have your own reasons and just cos you’re living under a brick while others are out there in full view, it doesn’t give you the right to judge unless you have lived their lives for them.
They have been on top, they have slipped for a while, they have suffered things, tolerated stuff, cried, smiled, been tough, been weak, been strong.
They have fought their way back to the surface while maintaining their dignity, social position, humanity, pride and have gone on thereafter to ensure that they make up for they lacked in the past struggle, whichever way they could , so that the rough times would just only  seem like a far away nightmare they woke up from thankfully.
Haters, go hate somewhere else!!
Get on with your own lives rather than messing around with others!!
You don’t have a damn clue so ……!!!

There, my friend , I said it for you!!


Believe me Guys exists!!


evil-eye-pin-flat_largeAfter an prolongued bout of laziness, I finally got into an enviable workout regime that involved retaining my treadmill as a running tool rather than the clothes horse I have seen in other homes , as well as stepping with determination on my elliptical trainer, a stride worthy of your applause (so pls oblige), followed by a long brisk walk in the evening. However throughout all my huffing and puffing , I had also been disturbed by a constant niggling feeling that I was being watched, followed too, as I strode down the road every day at top speed .

Call it my imagination or call me finicky but I was determined to follow this suspician into the bushes. And lo and behold you non believers …there lurked the culprit..daring, wicked, jealous and mean!

4 months ago, in my tracks that fitted with less vulgarity and a tee that was a teeny weeny bit more flattering to the emergence of a waistline and a pair of firmer breasts, I plunged headfirst into a prickly rose bush and yanked him out by the collar…my resolve strong and undeterred , a daring and fearlessness unseen ever by anyone.

As I shook him mercilessly, screaming dramatically, “Who are you and why are you following me”, he smirked at me , no sign of guilt or shame, unperturbed and shrugged his bony shoulders as he proudly pronounced, ” They call me the Evil Eye”!!!

I died!! Almost literally!!! A shiver akin to 1000 volts surged down my spine, my legs buckling under me as I staggered to retain my composure and pretend that his jibe didn’t affect me any!! This was exactly when that offer of a course in dramatics I had waved off in disdain back then would’ve come in mighty handy so that I could pretend His retort had not affected me!

I spun around, launched myself away from him in a bid to save myself even as I cursed myself for not having learnt how to look nonchalant and in control when actually the ground underneath my feet had miraculously disappeared , my tshirt embarrassingly drenched in sweat and my legs wobbling more than my son’s favourite strawberry jelly!!

As fate would have it I didn’t get far and a minute later I found myself cringing and shouting out in pain as I heard a loud snap and sank to the floor, gasping in pain as I landed knees first on the rough tarmac !! The last I heard from my prisoner who had now become a captor of sorts was a loud guffaw that sounded suspiciously like a snorty taunting elephants fart as my ACL ligament twisted and strained rendering me helpless and a firm believer in old folk tales!!!

That cruel mocking laughter that rang out behind me is still playing it’s magic on my knee 120 days after that fateful evening , giving me nothing but pain…albeit I do now pocess a lamentable excuse to blame someone for not being able to get into all my jeans whose waistline buttons now sit 3inches apart from the loophole they struggle to make contact with in order to preserve my ‘izzat’ (read honour ) !!

Intolerantly tolerant..proudly so!!


!images (26)

There has been a big hulabaloo over remarks about India and Indians being an intolerant country with intolerant citizens. I beg to differ.
If there is any show of tolerance in the world it is here!
We live in a place where only tolerance keeps us alive…
Tolerance for rampant chaos and In discipline
Tolerance for rowdy dadagiri in every sphere eg. on the road where even the worst road hog who has financed the purchase of a car with Daddy’s money has come onto the road without a basic driving test or knowledge of road ethics and throws his weight around while driving on the wrong side of the road and is very capable of whipping out a knife or gun at the slightest altercation.
Tolerance for the in-the- face mechanics of corrupt bureaucrats, politicians, police force , Medicos, educators, governance, financiers and engineers …everyone of which thinks only of filling his pockets with no regard for his country or countrymen.
Tolerance for the lack of empathy for human life in India…I almost feel as if the government almost welcomes the idea of a few lacs of people dying in some tragic circumstances en masse hence reducing the population of the country by default for a few minutes. Where their family planning campaigns have failed miserably maybe mother nature would step in and oblige them with a hurricane or two, a landslide or a traffic pile up wherein a few lacs of lives could be involved and they could turn their backs to readiness or rescue efforts and look up at the sky while shrugging their shoulders in resignation.
Tolerance for the rapist, the unruly youngsters or sons of self styled power crazy thugs who reckon that their money can buy anything..even the blessings of the devis that they bow down to before defiling a living devi in the back of their Mercedes or the godforsaken rogues who don’t mind a shared taxi to pick unsuspecting girls off the streets to vent their frustrations as they mutilate her sanctity !!
Tolerance for lack of basic infrastructural facilities that each tax paying citizen dishes out crores of their hard earned money for…tolerance for no power, no clean drinking water, no roads, no ethical medical and educational practices.
Tolerance for screwed up and now almost obsolete spirituality and morality that we Indians were once so proud of and looked up to by the world! Those who travel to supposedly Incredible India to seek peace and God go back with not so incredible experiences!!
Actually, the list of examples of our tolerance is so exhaustive that anyone seeking to Indulge in name throwing directed towards us , should think twice before doing so lest we shove our tolerance down their esophagus and sit back and gloat over the halo hovering above our heads!

Out Of Fear or Actual Devotion?



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These past 8 days it has been very gratifying to watch the world running from doorstep to doorstep in an attempt to present themselves in all their supposed obeisance and humility to various Mata Ke Dwaras and ask for her forgiveness and benevolence, hoping to have her blessings showered upon them and all their misdeeds and sins forgiven!

While the inner bhakt in me appreciated the religious fervor which had overtaken the country and actually gloated at the fact that twice in a year at least I saw the male population, Arrogance and all still all- consuming, bend their heads in submission before a female deity, crediting her as all powerful entity , worthy of worship and the bestower of the salvation that he seeks so desperately, I also angrily marveled at The outright irony of the situation!!
Twice in a year, the female figure is put on a pedestal, recognized as a Devi , a mother, a protector, a symbol of love, the one to look to for repentance and forgiveness!
But after these nine days of prayer and fasting and single minded devotion, there strikes in the form of a virtual holocaust, a wide spread , irrevocable blindness and irreversible nonchalance towards the very sensitivity that governed the past few days of people’s lives!
What was once revered as a Devi , i.e. suddenly takes the form of a hot or not so hot mortal again , a piece of flesh to feast ones dirty, sexually perverted eyes and mind, drooling and salivating inappropriately, forgetting how they revered and worshipped her just a few hours back!
What a contradicting and fickle society we live in, what fraudulent behavior, what regressive thoughts, pure “DHONG” !!

Slaves to our Egos!


There is a sad and scary scenario circulating the all around us… maybe not in everybody’s world but certainly that of many I know.

Picture the scenario… A grey haired Patriarch or Matriarch of the family .. (for convenience of expression we shall speak of this head as being a He…) who has struggled from a young age to contribute to the upkeep of his household, has devoted so many years to hardships interspersed with joys, travails,and problem solving that by the time his family grows up, grows equal, grows ahead in many ways, he is tired, set in his ways even though he struggles to keep up and claims to be constantly changing to fit in, rigid, arrogant about certain things, egotistic about what he claims to be always correct about due to years of experience and dealing with the worst obstacles but nevertheless , pretty non compliant with the changing views and work mode of the new gen.


He has reached a stage when he begins to suffer from a bit of a superiority cum persecution complex ,where he has hammered himself into believing that all that he has stood for or worked for is threatened by a family or surroundings that think differently, have different priorities and interests, and way more independent than he would like them to be in general and are 100% more technologically advanced and way more dependent on it for conducting their daily chores, entertainment and business

A scenario that is unfathomable for a veteran who cannot understand how it’s possible to get things done without rolling in the mud and getting one’s hands dirty!

How can little 5″ pieces of metal and plastic be a substitute for manual Labour. How can daily trips to the banks, offices, marketplaces and impending business collaborators be replaced by a message, a phone call, and email, a wire transfer, social media interaction and promotion , e-commerce often without leaving the confines of the house!
How can a phone call placed at 2 pm in the afternoon achieve the same result as when one had to queue up from 9am to get the same thing done!
How could a face to face confrontation be replaced by a conference call or skype meeting without being disastrous because ” the personal touch” that was the norm for decades was missing!
How could twitter which sounds like a birdy thing gone wrong , reach out to more people than flyers in the local daily could! How could Instagram which was nothing but a bunch of show offs travel photos, be an apt platform to advertise serious work?!!
How could blink and miss snapchats possibly help a business To up its game in this competitive world!
He thinks you need to be there, hands on at all times, shouting off the top of the roofs about what ure doing! Yes, in many ways that is the requirement especially in India with its uending paperwork, bureaucracy and red tapism, but not in every situation!
There are substitutes, new methods, new ploys, modernity!


What if each member of his family has different interests and hobbies. What if their communication skills were different from each other? Thought processes more (or less )evolved or broad minded! What if they spoke a non verbatim language that he cannot get the grasp of!
What if their backgrounds were so different that finding common ground was becoming more and more difficult with each passing day and age!
What if the claims of changing himself were only superficial and in reality he was still neck deep in age old beliefs such as members of the family (especially females of the family) should not be asking too many questions, asking for explanations, or wanting to enjoy time out with people other than himself..maybe with a gang of girls or siblings! He reluctantly may give in out of pressure from the family members but at the back of his mind it is all wrong to him as he cannot fathom how a group of girls or boys alone could not be upto no good..evil even probably!


He reacts instantaneously, jumps to conclusions, judges unfairly, sulks like a character from the Mahabharata , sinks into depression because he thinks everyone is his worst enemy, cooks up a storm in his mind where he is caught  in a whirlwind tornado and is being tossed around by ruthless entities that seem to want to render him obsolete !
These negative thoughts and a refusal to sit it out and listen to a counter view patiently instead of responding violently the moment topics or arguments turn contrary to his rigid ideas are slowly turning households into modern day Mahabharatas . The  dispute may not be about land but definitely about egos and the will to force one’s ideology upon the other without taking his input into consideration and agreeing that someone other than himself may have a valid point or argument!

The youngsters today are headstrong yet supremely savvy..more so than the previous Gen mostly due to the very technology and exposure that the older Gen is so suspicious about!

Yes they have a lot to learn from their peers who they have struggled their way through life and learnt things the hard way, when they didn’t have conveniences available on their fingertips. No money, support or Google to show them the way! Listening to their experiences , they may not consider the plot to be relatable but they can certainly save themselves a lot of heartache by skipping the difficult parts that they may encounter or jumping seamlessly over the hurdles with help from solutions their fathers took years to arrive at! So listen they should, not to satisfy the older man’s ego, but to make theirbown lives  more smooth sailing!

The younger Gen needs to  realise this and give more credit and respect to their elders  but also until  the grey haired men and women are ready to accept these radical changes in the world  whole heartedly and try to merge them into their daily lives, they can never hope to understand the ways of those more compliant to modern scenarios!

If they don’t know better, it is futile to attempt to enforce the outdated scenarios that existed before onto those that have found newer means and knowledge!
There was always the debate about Generation Gaps but it is more about generation egos where unfortunately, more often than not , it is the older generation who is stubborn and relentless and non forgiving about anything that is counter productive to their decades old EGO!!!


Holiday mood.?? First Choose where!




When planning to visit a new place from across the world the first thing that throws you off is how to get around planning a fail safe trip particularly if you’re traveling with a spouse who is not very tech savvy and doesn’t have the patience to pour over the net himself looking for the perfect itinery.
It’s left to you and your resourcefulness to come up with the ideal plan for travel and stay that suits you as a couple based on personal interests and habits besides the general curiosity to explore new places.
You will be given endless suggestions by friends or agents on where to go, where to stay, what to eat etc but ultimately a successful trip consists of a tailor made itinery based on how you like things not Mr ABC.
With the advent of the internet things are oh so easy but still it’s so easy to be taken for a ride by commission agents or friends with different tastes and priorities than your own. After all someone’s happiness may lie in doing it all in one trip so they can come back and boast of the number of countries they whisked through hardly realizing that they barely got a whiff of the local culture or soul of the place whereas you may be the kind of person who wants to explore every nook and cranny of that exotic country they have flown to with bag and baggage!
Agents get a commission on every sale , every hotel booking they do, every trip they buy for you even if it’s not the best for you. Sitting in an office far away , maybe never traveled to a certain sector , many of them are not in a position to be able to finalize what should be your ideal itinery.. not what worked for someone else .
It’s very important to actually sit yourself down and talk to people about their experiences and take mental notes of what would and what probably wouldn’t work for you.
Ask them how they chose their hotels, flights, train/ coaches etc. how much did they pay for them, was it cheaper through an agent on when booked directly online.
Ask them about the hotels and rooms, the amenities offered and problems faced. Talk about the things to do, or not to do, the precautions to take especially when visiting crowded or shady cities.
Based on this data, compare the notes with people who have put up reviews on sites like trip advisor etc. . Compare itineries from at least 5 travel and hotel booking sites . Narrow down your options in order to select your destination. Is it an adventure you’re looking for or just a chilled out holiday with your family, friends or spouse. Are you a water baby or a mountain person. Does every trip need to be a luxury one or so you intend to spend more on exploring new places than on extravagant hotels and first class airline tickets. Be very clear about your intentions and then finalize the first step of your intended holiday…choose the type of holiday destination that you are in the mood of.

I Lived The Sound Of Music!


The drive to Salzburg was another story . We left Vienna at 7am in a comfortable coach that was filled with tourists eager to experience the journey through the Salzkergammut Lake region of Austria dotted as they were with crystal clear blue lake with their drinkable water and parrot green rolling grass plains that were the foreground for gentle hills as well as taller mountains with some peaks still bearing witness to the winter that had just passed. Austria in every season has its own beauty largely due to the contrast in winter and summer temperatures. Winter landscape in the Austrian Alps is aweinspiring while summer is absolutely lovely!!

Our trip to this region would extend to several days as I had chosen to the major part of our holiday rejuvenating and pampering ourselves in this peaceful haven!
Bu it was Salzburg that we would make our home first and I was as excited as a child to witness the home of Mozart and Strauss as well as the Land of my favorite film The Sound of Music. I was annoyingly perked up in mood as I sang every word of the songs from the movie that they played on the coach driving there.
Our Knowledgeable guide kept up a stream of information about the Von Trapp family, the Hofburgs, the royal family of Salzburg and the life of Mozart and Strauss and it made for a very interesting and inspiring drive as I was transported into vintage era and bygone years in Europe.
The mood was set all the way and when we actually strutted down the streets in Salzburg marveling again at the quite imposing and old architectural of the city I had a skip in my step.

We first crossed over the Danube river which flowed under a bridge that connected the two shore of Salzburg . Lovers had locked their love on the grills of the railing and thrown away theikey, obviously hoping to attain eternal love in this manner, something that everyone craves for in this temporary world with its temporary commitments!!

Mirabel gardens where the children led by an impish Maria defied all norms and flitted through sing Do Re Mi, Mozart House still preserved with his original belongings , the lovely Old Town, the bridge where thousands of hopelessly romantic visitors had locked their love for keeps, the numerous churches like the infamous 13th century Don Quartier and its gorgeous interiors, the castles standing tall on top of craggy mountain tops with views to die for, the Abbey and Convent which was the location for Maria’s home before she began her tremulous journey with the Von Trapp family.
Austria is a wonder as many other European cities for those who love a holiday drenched in art and culture and history along with stunning locales and backdrops. My camera shutter had to gasp for breath as I clicked every corner , every alley, every facade, every angle relentlessly.

And so continued the next few days that showed us Salzburg and it’s surrounding and our days on the banks of numerous lakes in the Salzkergammut were steeped in wonder and peace and self indulgence, Apple strudels, shnitzels and noodles, goulash and what not were on every menu and I felt like a character in The Sound of Music experiencing my list of favourite things!!

We made day trips to surrounding counties and towns in a bid to leave nothing out and the towns we passed left a sigh in our hearts!! Bratislava, Budapest, Slovenia were a stones throw away but each city needs a lifetime to experience it to the fullest. What remained common was the quite charm and peace, and the pride evident in their history. The red sloping roofs sitting atop stone walls and encompassed by a bright green backdrop was a colour combination that has tinted my heart forever.

Czech Diaries 2…check!!!



So we drove on, Heading speedily toward the Czech Capital and on entering it initially it looked like any other modern town. I had almost expected to see a 12th century array of architecture from moment one but obviously like any other city, Prague or Praha as the locals refer to it , had progressed and huge branded showrooms stood on either side of the road, evidence of global presence in this European town.
We did all things touristy…began at the New Town Square with its hectivity and Mixed architectural buildings.

Our guided walking tour took us to the Old Town Square ,treading through typical cobblestone lanes which is something I love about Europe. Inspite of have progressed it has retained its old world charm and history and culture pour out from its ears.

Our knowledgeable guide prattled off a whole lot of interesting info , all of it of course I couldn’t absorb or retain. It I found it fascinating anyway and my fingers barely ever lost contact with the camera button.

The numerous beautiful churches of which some like the  Basilica of St Peters and  St Paul’s, church of Tynem  and St Vitus Cathedral etc are most popular landmarks. Imposing castles spew history and might , Town Halls and museums , bridges and arches..The Charles Bridge flanked on either side by stone and bronze statues, with its multitudes of artists busy rendering caricatures of highly pleased tourist clientele who giggled at the results quite happily was a merry sight. It was extremely crowded and it wasn’t even the peak tourist season yet!

The Astronomical Clock was not only gorgeous but mind boggling! Jantar Mantar’s European counterpart in function but not in style! . We happened to arrive just six mins before the noon hour when the clock strikes 12, led by a skeleton statue depicting death, pulling on the bell to announce the hour , followed by a dozen dancing figures that performed for us as the clock chimed! Every aspect of time related to the movements of the sun, moon, earth, zodiacs, days of the year, seasons etc are depicted on this one famous Prague landmark in the Old Town Hall. And it’s so
We would make our way through the Stoney lanes and the shops selling colorful souvenirs like wooden dolls etc. My fridge magnets had the be bought before we sat down and rested our aching feet. A shnitzel had to be sampled as did a candelini or something which was a very interestedly prepared baked cone made with flour and filled with chocolate and. Vanillas ice cream! Yum!!

And so our totally unemployed relaxed afternoon continued. We sat down on the cobblestone ground with many others like us to listen to a young band playing to a happy crowd who guzzled their beers down and cheered them along. Did I mention that apparently the Czechs are the largest beer consuming community in this part of the world and seeing the groups of people occupying the tables at the adorable road side cafes loaded with enormous pitchers of lager I could well believe it!!

The Variety of humans you encounter amuses you when you’re as unemployed as we were . Their personas,body language, behavior and looks can be a script for many a drama if you studied them for long enough. They sure come in all colors , shapes and sizes..some cheerful some grumpy.. some tall and well endowed , some pouring out of everywhere!! Some old and energetic , some old and amazingly still enthusiastic !! Some high on beer and life, some vacant and sad. We saw them all and passed time trying to attach a story to some of the most eye catching figures!!

And so our days were spent n similar lines until we were ready to go back to our temporary home at the end of everyday tired but happy! I had a big green tick on my list of to-do’s and a big grin on my face to match!

Czech Diaries 1…check!!!



It was the second leg of our Austrian journey as we drive out of Vienna along the beautiful highway that lead us out Of Vienna towards the Czech capital of Prague. I was as usual awestruck by the natural gift God has handed out to this country also. Oh my God!!!! We’re going to Prague!!!! Have mercy!! Hallelujah!! We are blessed!!

The countryside was wonderful with its gently rolling plains dotted with slanted roofs on picturesque houses that appeared sporadically unless we crossed a small town.

You may have gathered from my earlier conversations with you about my travels that I am a sucker for empty spaces, blue waters and sandy beaches, tall imposing mountainous stretches , serene and green surroundings, rolling fields of emptiness where the grass is king, grape vines cover stretches of ground as far as the eye can see, quaint little houses stand humbly Yet proudly in equally quaint little so called villages that finished before they started..nb pls compare with the villages back home..and of course CLEANLINESS above all.

I learnt from our very friendly and chatty guide who manouvered his Mercedes Benz minivan with 6 of us highly enthusiastic tourists on board, very skillfully, while updating us on the history and culture of Vienna and Austria in general, that popular Austrian wines are produced in this region.

Our Hungarian Guide , from the land of Goulash, named Baalaanj or something like that, was very fluent in English and his accent was easy for my husband to understand thankfully so the ride was fun and comfortable.

My husband in a bid to annoy me would keep joking about how there was dampness in the walls here too, pointed out every little bump and pothole however nonexistent they were , kept saying that we have trees and grass in India too so what are u so excited about but I refused to allow his pathetic jokes to dampen my spirits and kept my raptured face focused on the brilliant stuff whizzing by as we drove along!! I even stuck to my guns stubbornly about how even the clouds looked different observation that was met with an obviously disbelieving smirk from my non-believer cynical other half!!
I gave up!!

There is no time I am as happy as when I am traversing a new country, new horizons , checking off another from my bucket list..errr the bucket of course is the size of the 1000 litre sintax tank sitting in agony on our roof back home.

Every little house , every little town I feel had a story as usual. It was quiet uncluttered..sometimes almost too quiet I felt! Were they happy with their simple lives, did they get bored and lonely..were they busy enough or struggling to find things to do? Sometimes there was nothing for miles around..only solitude.

Oh but how healthy was the weather. It rained that day and brought the temperature down and when it stopped , the cool breeze hitting our faces was so pleasant!! No pollution, no dust!! Our bodies almost protested against this fine treatment!! I think they were offended at not getting their daily dose of dust and smog ..the clean hands couldn’t recognize themselves and the unpedicured feet looked too pedicured!! The faces were white!! My foundation and concealer had been rendered unemployed!! The cosmetics in general were quite feeling ignored.. only the trusty eye liner and lipstick had something to contribute to the day! I think there was a political propaganda going on inside my toiletries bag!! Some talk of a surgical strike or coup amongst each other!! I played the farsighted and forceful decisive leader and saved the day by transferring the threatened objects to my back pack and carried them along on my travels! It might have removed them from harms way temporarily but unwittingly made more enemies for them cos the rest missed out on Hungary and Czech and Austrian adventures!! Sigh!! You just can’t please everyone! Or rather , everything!

Just a thought, It’s no wonder the BMW’s, Benz’s, Audi’s, Volkswagens and Skodas are so good looking!! Look at the climate in their home towns!!!

Oh dear, I seem to have veered off topic so back to the road.

The sun was shining again thank God cos I was worried about the photos that had to be taken in good weather! Yes, that’s Another thing I am obsessed about..Did I mention that I’m trigger happy?? I have to document my escapades and since my memory is not what it used to be (my kids will vouch for that!! ), The only way to do that now is to take at least 7000 photos on every trip..that’s a respectable amount!! 😇😇. Makes me feel like I’ve done a decent job!! So having the sun around helps.. at least the face doesn’t look as dismal as the rest of the body!! You can turn it up against the sun and hope it gets blessed as it’s captured before its exquisite backdrops!

So apparently Budweiser, Ivana Trump and the dollar from the Czech word Tahler are the three bonds Czech Republic shares with America.

My mind is obviously wandering too much so On that note I’m going to stop to take in a long breath of this fresh unpolluted Austrian Alpine air !!

My Amateur Tips For Loving Your Travels With Your Love!


10 unorthodox tips to enjoy your holiday with your partner which nobody will tell you!!

1. Make sure you pack the right type and quantity of clothes specific to the destination in terms of weather and vibe. Nothing can piss your partner off more than landing there and discovering that you don’t have appropriate clothing or end up sticking out like sore thumbs!! This can be extremely exasperating if your partner isn’t into shopping or if you’re travelling in a group where you can’t afford to look as if you’re a total misfit or ignorant. Imagine carrying only jeans to a place where dunners involve fancy restaurants and formal settings. Or freezing to death in cold weather until your partner is forced to buy expensive jackets which were never on the bucket list. Always do a full recci online about your holiday destination and arrive well prepared for all eventualities.

2. Talk about your budget and dos and donts before launching on your journey. This will allow you to understand what the holiday is intended to be like so there is no irritant during the trip. If shopping is  one thing you plan to do, say so and discuss budgets and amount of time to dedicate to the activity. This ensures you don’t end up arguing on the sidewalk because you want to check out that last mall while your partner is rushing to try his hand at paragliding. Be clear about your intentions and then maybe things will just work in your favor cos the good moods may earn you brownie points for doing that extra shopping.

3. Always plan your stay in an area that works for both of you vis a vis the kind of activity you are intending to indulge in. There’s nothing worse than having to travel the extra two hours just to get to the beach or adventure sport Centre when ure already on a time crunch. Neither will it help to stay in cheap suburbs some 100 miles out if you intend to shop downtown or catch some shows and nightlife in the Centre of the town. The travel alone can shake up your budget so don’t actually end up being economical with time or money. Don’t be penny wise pound foolish!!

4. Make sure you get enough z’ssss cos however excited you may be to do everything you can in that new place, you need your rest too to keep the energy and enthusiasm up..particulars if you’ve flown half way across the world and are already tired from the travel. Some people just go crazy trying to be over energetic and then pass out somewhere in the middle of the holiday or end up falling sick!! Nothing better to ruin your holiday plans !!

5. Fight the jet lag wisely. After travelling extensively and hearing horror stories of how people pass out even due to jet lag or need two to get into the zone, I realise that the only way to beat it is to consciously change your own body clock to the destination time by sleeping at the correct times… Force yourself awake during their daytime right from the flight onwards by reading a book or listening to music or watching a marathon of movies even if it’s nighttime in your home country. Take the help of a sedative or alternative means to sleep in their nighttime again from the flight onwards. You could ask for chamomile tea or hot chocolate or whatever helps you to drop off .

6. Make sure your stomach clears at the right times. Indian Ayurveda gurus believe all evil emenates from the stomach and it has proved to be true!! Make sure your bowel system is right on point…take the help of fibrous foods, laxatives or whatever your system needs to throw out all wastes and toxins from the body at the right time..preferably first thing in the morning. There’s nothing worse than gases and constipation to mess up your entire holiday.. These will not only give you headaches and bloatedness but will also kill your appetite…what’s the point of a holiday if you can’t partake of the scrumptious local fare!! Not to mention the bad breath which will mess up your bedroom stories!!

7. Don’t throw tantrums, don’t be selfish, don’t insist , don’t be stubborn. A holiday should be something you both enjoy so discuss and agree on the venues, distribution of activities, budgets etc. Whatever you can do together is superb but if for some reason your partner does not want to be a part of a certain activity don’t insist or sulk or deride! Give him his do your thing and let him do his. Meet up later and exchange stories and experiences. He’s not a dog to be dragged everywhere by the collar. And vice versa of course!!!

8. Don’t go wild and ruin things and don’t be dull or a wet blanket either!! Enjoy each moment by giving it the correct amount of attention it needs. Don’t get drunk and embarrass your partner by flirting with everyone in sight but at the same time don’t sit out like a wall flower sulking cos this just wasn’t your cup of tea!! Live in the moment and make it as much fun as you can without going overboard. A long face is guaranteed to piss off the partner and ruin the rest of the holiday!

9. Don’t forget your body limits just cos ure on holiday cos being sick in a foreign country can be scary, expensive and just no fun!! If you know late nights or drinking doesn’t suit you.. Avoid!! If ure allergic to seafood don’t go near that lobster just cos the restaurant recommends it!! If the heats gets to you easily don’t be stupid and forget the sunscreen and hat. Better still go out in the evenings and get your afternoon siesta in order to be charged up for the evening. If you get seasick don’t go scuba diving just cos you want to show off the photos in a wetsuit back home or I’ll spend the rest of the trip in bed moaning and puking!!!

10. Last and certainly one of the most important things!! Do not deny having a good time !! It’s amazing how the mind of men especially suddenly become totally focused on the rollicking time they were going to get in their round bath tub or their private pool or whatever , the moment they buckle their seat belts on the plane out!! It’s as if the previous night in their own beds never happened and the pot of gold was actually at the end of the rainbow !!! If you want the moods to remain romantic and positive give tume to each other when the desire is surfacing!! You will both enjoy the intimacy more maybe cos both are away from mundane routines and stressful workplaces!! Or their are no screaming kids or mother in laws knocking down the romance!! Don’t let squabbles get in the way of discovering each other in a new place , new situation. It will certainly keep the man happy for sure!! Experience speaks!!