An Ode to Valentines Day

I’ve picked up the newspaper everyday for the past week and only a glaring red color and hearts jumped out at me long before the news of a Shaheed (a martyr) like Lance Naik Hanumanthappa did….
Invitations for lunch or dinner from an insane amount of restaurants and hotels at discounted rates if you dragged your partner by the ear and insisted on a celebration…
food festivals suddenly metamorphosed out of the blue…
Shopping discounts for Valentine gifts behaved as if you could woo the most aggressive and unromantic of lovers at absolutely no expense…in fact I almost feel that we are being offered money back probably for tolerating the person for whatever time frame!!!…like come celebrate your bravado on 14th Feb!!!
Chocolate seemingly, eaten on Valentine’s Day, received as a gift along with a huge bouquet of red roses( woe betide the uneducated boyfriend who thought the white ones looked fresher than yesterday’s red blooms!!) almost magically seem to have zeroed in calorific content therefore must be consumed in extravagantly copious quantities!!
Don’t get me wrong…I am not belittling love or the expression of it!!! Must must be done but at regular intervals even without the big plastic beating heart!!!I fully encourage it!!
Even people like Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru showed their love  by tying a rope around their necks and giving the ultimate sacrifice ( again I visualize all the men reading this to be identifying with this scenario on a daily basis and feeling quite heroic too)….. for a woman …albeit not for a human being but for their beloved Bharat Mata!!
There is something else that worries me today… What if….
Today of all the days I am not feeling particularly lovey dovey though of course there is no doubt that I love my husband…and kids and friends!!
Today of all the days I wake up grouchy and unrested cos as usual sleep eluded me all night while the person next to me took sadistic pleasure in snoring his way through the night !!!
Today of all the days I woke up feeling 20lbs bigger than I was last night….My stomach feeling quite friendly with my lose elastic tracks and therefore deciding to help the elastic band to be filled without stretching itself!!
Today of all the days that awful patch on my face , the result of bravely going where no woman in her right senses goes…(into the sea when the sun is at its strongest best)…..decides to be nice and prominent so that no amount of Bobbi Brown cosmetics can come to my rescue an any fateful Valentine dinner!!
Today of all days we decided to snap at each other over the color of the seascape that I thought of attempting next…I was convinced that my water should gently transcend from an ultramarine blue to a cerulean in order to depict the changing depths of the sea but I am informed by my Punjabi husband that such colors don’t exist and I am wasting my time by overthinking it ..they were taught that the sea is blue …period!!!… I imagined the look of terror on my French art teacher in Kenya and boldly attempted to defend myself!!!…

So then what happened???? Then it was a very very Happy Valentine’s Day 😦


…after a lot of reminiscing I have come to the conclusion that according to Saint Valentine and his newly erupted followers in India, if you don’t love today , it seems you have never loved and are not capable of doing so the other 364 days!!!!

Einstein!!!! Eureka!!!