Would I Like Me If I Met Me??

I watched from a distance as the girl,  nee woman, not tall at all or slim and svelte but sexy in a voluptuous sort of way swayed with abandon with the music…she seemed to know the lyrics of almost each and every song!!!! Wierd!! After all I had never heard such a confused mix of songs being played at any party…Meghan Trainor turned into Boney M turned into Bruno Mars turned into fifth Harmony turned into Benny Dayal turned into Abba and so on and so forth..with a sudden burst of Badshah and Honey Singh in between ..in tandem ..at random….

She lip synced each song and moved with gay abandon.. Zumba like steps and delightfully light on her feet considering she wasn’t the skinniest of 50yr olds!!!

Everyone on the floor jostled to dance with her and she laughed her amazing laugh as she matched everyone’s steps and left them feet tied and therefore tongue tied!!!

I watched as another taller but similar aged decidedly slimmer lady danced upto her and obviously passed a comment about how her ample behind looked sexy in the Latino steps she was trying out..rather than being embarassed or moving off the floor she simply amped up the energy and combined pout with a hip shake as if saying ..”if I have it why not flaunt it”!!
I was slowly beginning to become a fan of this lively person who danced, sipped and sang wholeheartedly yet maintaining a kind of dignity, commanding admiration from others around…her husband sat out , watching from a distance and joined in off and on with his signature Bhangra step on every hip hop song!!!…
I moved in a little closer, wanting to understand this lady a bit more…she seemed too full of life to be from a conservative background, too conservative to be frivolous, too Indian to be from foreign lands , too foreign to be from India…she raised my curiosity when she put her arms around the waste of a young girl and did an effortless jig in tandem with her, spoke with respect and laughter to an older friend who she called Bhaiya and in the same breath did a mini curtsy as she addressed as Sir, an officer like gentleman who came into the floor to shake hands with her in greeting…every relationship was in its place, every action deliberated yet carefree her eyes sparkling with genuine like ability and a smile that lit up her face like a lantern..nothing seemed forced or conspired and that was quite charming.

I did in my shameless decimation of her every action, see her falter a bit… Saw her visibly tongue tied and confused, unsure of herself for the first time when confronted with an overbearing loud woman who bumped her and then addressed her in high decibels over the loud music…she sounded derogatory, vain, demeaning and rude and for a minute my admiration was clouded with disgust for the other woman .. Why the hell was she trying to throw her weight around ..that too in front of a person who simply seemed to enjoy herself and keep away from any type of confrontation … I felt like stepping in and pushing her away but I only watched from a distance knowing this was no business of mine…

My muse stood still a moment…eyes shining with an unshed tear and mouth opening and closing like a fish ..obviously trying to come up with a fitting retort but no sound came out of her vocal cords…the bully swung clumsily away on her two left feet, smiling at her audacity and smug in her rudeness….leaving her target a little less happy, maybe unsure and insulted even…!!!
As timed seemed to stand still momentarily,turned away with a shrug of her shoulder as someone tapped her on the shoulder as if to ask where she was lost….Jennifer Lopez saved the day and soon she was throwing herself into the rhythm mouthing along ..”I ain’t your mama…”!!! Appropriate!!!

Wow I liked this girl woman..she was decent, brave, fun, respectful, albeit a little naive and used to taking a lot of lip!!! I liked her cos she seemed to have been brought up well, she was obviously intelligent, educated , talented and humble… Looked a little out of her league when it came to brash and loud mouthed  individuals…the know it all types ..who loved stuffing their half baked knowledge down others throats!!!

I had to give her the benefit of the doubt though…I was sure that she could not be without plenty of flaws..after all she was only human …maybe she was not that worldly wise or savvy…maybe she didn’t enjoy cooking as much as others did…maybe she wasn’t the best or as quick a host as some women were…maybe she hadn’t handled her own business and earned chores…maybe she wasn’t her mother in law’s favourite……maybe maybe maybe!!

As the music toned down a level or two I snapped out of my musings soon enough to realise that the woman was me .. As I watched myself from the sidelines  I though to myself..”Not all that bad I reckon…I would certainly have liked me if I met me .”!!!

Phooey to the rest of the world who disagrees!!!

“If I was you I’d wanna be me too!!!

9 thoughts on “Would I Like Me If I Met Me??

    I’m left speechless, with a great urge to meet this rather interesting, amazing, somewhat intriguing woman 😉


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