The Journey continues.. Roma!!

There is too much going on..too quickly!! It’s already been almost a week here in Italy now and theres too much to time to say it.
Rome brought back memories of my schooldays and textbooks!!
The first thing that hits you about Roma are the solid stone structures a la Roman and Greco Roman architecture!! Tall imposing and old…adorned with history and culture, they hit you like a ton of bricks and leave you gasping at every turn !
Walking the streets endlessly, our quick steps took us through all kinds of alleyways, that housed cafes and ristorantes and boutique style shops that added a quietness to the already enriched cultural feel that Rome gives you!
We walked and walked till our feet ached and our legs begged us to sit down! Every step took us to a new facet of Rome and left us yearning for more! Piazzas, fountains, ancient buildings and monuments, good looking Italians, flocks of tourists, mixed of languages used to scream out the awe and wonder that every visitor here was experiencing!
They yelled in French, called out in Spanish , screamed in Chinese, hollered in Italian!! They danced in English, fox trotted in Mexican, did the Bhangra in Hindi!!
They pushed and shoved their way to get a spot for the perfect photo or selfie!! It was a sea of heads and smiling faces! It was a holocaust of tourists!
And it isn’t even peak season yet!
How the Spanish Steps clamored for attention, how the Fontana Trevi awed everyone, how the Vatican stunned, how the Sistine Chapel overwhelmed and trivialized humanity, how the colloseum imposed upon our meekness, how the Basilica San Pietro left everyone open mouth and agape!
There are more fountains, statues and churches then humans in Italy, more ruins standing tall than our self respect, more cobblestones than people that walk it!!
It’s the land of Saints and Virgin Mary, Bernini and Michelangelo, Constantine and Nero…its stands since BC and has held it’s own centuries later in AD!!
It hides stories of emporers and queens, undying love and glory battles, bloodshed and tales of romance…Roma!!!
A country of contrasts, a veritable anglicized India with its family values, love of food and life, loudness and enthusiasm, gusto and volumes!
That is Italy!!

Buon Giorno Roma!!

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We sped along in our chauffeur driven ride courtesy Emirates towards the very heart of Rome ..Spagna where our aparthotel was situated. After having my heart in my mouth as a result of having done a whole lot of blind bookings for our our impending trip, a bit nervously cos my sister was depending fully on my judgement and selection I was at least relieved to learn that the place that was to be our home for the next few days was in a very central and happening part of the city.

We had barely entered Roma and we had already passed a whole series of Cathedrals and fountains..the most significant one being Santa Maria Maggiorre. An awestriking facade with its huge marble walls and intricate sculptures and statues!
As you already know by now if u have read my other blogs that I am a sucker for old traditional architecture, imposing stone structures and anything Romanesque. Greek, Edwardian or Victorian!! We had already had a fair taste of what was to come and we werent even home yet!

I had read enough forums and online advice to be speculative about a number of things and not allow myself to be lost in my overexcitedness at actually going to Italy..a life long dream for me!!
No heavy suitcases…no porters!
No open bags and wallets and phones etc…pickpockets galore!!
No gaping blindly and stupidly at the amazing sights without being aware of the surroundings especially in crowded areas…snatchers!!

I had been scared enough by trip advisor forums and their variety of warnings before I walked up the steps to the gynormous aircraft to be a bit wobbly in my stride as I trundled my bag along the cobblestone path towards the entrance of our Aparthotel on Via Sistina, having passed the massive Obelisk and its stone statues ..The Column of the Immaculate Conception…in Piazza Mignanelli that marked the south east extension of Piazza de Spagna with my sis following close behind. The fear of the unknown I guess !!

We were confronted with a very traditional wooden pulley type quaint lift inside a 17th century building that took us up 2 floors to our amazingly fresh and newly done up apartment…all fixed and furnished with the choicest of modern accessories and its grey and white interiors! We smiled at each other and laid our suitcases to rest for the next few days!
We were in Roma!!!