No Margin For Error by Tanushree Poddar


An author who has 8 novels behind her that have been received well writes her 9th with a flair of confidence and a ‘been there done that’ attitude!
Her intro where she explains her strategy for approaching an issue has affected us all on many a level..personal, emotional, impersonal but sympathetic, anger, helplessness and hopelessness , rebellious yet languishing! It could have been handled as she said, like a documented piece but her experience and better judgement told her to add fictitious characters to narrate their stories and perspectives and in doing that she succeeded in adding a personal touch to an otherwise gory and disturbing tale.
While traversing each incident , unfolding one by one, you are drawn to the characters emotionally and can actually feel the palpable, fear, nervousness, determination, bravado and cowardice, repulsion and fury all intermingled with a residue of hopelessness and despair at the turn of events and inhumanity of the perpetrators!! Her descriptive narrative allowed us to picture the events unfolding like a mental film reel.
Humankind has reached a crossroads of sorts…as predicted many years ago by the sages..the crossroads of Kalyug and Satyug…where the choices are all extreme, repercussions immense and reaction immediate!!
Good begets a whole lot of good but bad has no saving grace! And right now all we can see is the worst of the worst, overcoming any vaguely inherent noble intentions. We are destroying all we touch! We destroy the environment , we destroy our homelands, our planets, we destroy and puff out lives and nowhere is it so apparent than in the world of terrorism.
Selfish ignorant jihad, clash of egos and power hungry crazed beings, the desperation for power, money and destruction! This is what reiterates itself in our consciousness as we walk the corridors with the brave men who fought and lay down their lives for unknown people.. suffering in the aftermath of duty ! We hear those screams, our skins recoils with the heat of the flames, our chest tightens everytime a bullet finds it target, we feel our blood boil at the cruelty and insanity of the terrorists, we weep with the families of the slain! This book is a multi-emotional journey..tumultuous and gripping!
Tanushree weaves a tale with ease and has done her homework! She is able to stir up a myriad of emotion in the reader!
She speaks of characters she has drawn from in her previous books so maybe it’s time to relate by reading those too.
Nothing impresses more than a satisfying book in the hands, emanating the sweet smell of fresh paper and ink and telling a story that keeps you from putting it down for a while!
You close the book finally, a little the wiser (and angrier), hoping that better sence prevails on this earth before all is lost!

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